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I have a few made in japan pieces frm my late mother in law.  I am wondering if they have any value, can anyone help me?

cup and saucer made in occupied japan, cup is 2 and 1/4" tall, sauce is 5" Diameter.  original wooden stand.

oval bowl is 12 3/4" long, made in japan.

Child's cup is 3 1/4" tall, made in japan.

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more pics.
made in japan...smaller pieces, three pin cushions.
assoted stuff....two of the pin cushios repeated n this pic.
Cup and saucer about $10 here in Portland OR
Celery bowl was part of a set that included this bowl and 6 or 8 little matching salt dips; luster looks worn in the picture so maybe $10 here in Portland
Child's mug about $10-$15 here in Portland
Assuming all are in mint condition
Thank You Carole.


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