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I just recently picked up this wonderful plate at a large church garage sale to add as part of a funky plate collection that I was planning for my kitchen wall. It was so pretty, old and special looking that I thought that perhaps I should check it out before I glued up the back of it. Glad that I did! It is a Royal Staffordshire Pekin pattern Flow Blue Plate, worth considerably more than the two dollars that I paid for it and definitely not something that I want to damage. I also got a Lord Nelson Flow Blue Chintz patterned plate at the same time. It has been a little harder to find  much information on, apparently it is not a common pattern. Anyway, I love them and all my researching is giving me an education in Flow Blue. Previous to this, I had no experience with any of this but now I have the bug!

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Hi There Aunty - Welcome to iantique! I have good news and not so good news for you. First - please - when posting items show us any markings that are there as well. This will help a great deal, and probably get you more responses.

Your plates are very pretty and decorative - but neither are "Flow Blue" What you have there is "English Transferware" A tradition in England for at least a few centuries. The difference is that old "Flow blue" means exactly that - Real cobalt was used in decorting those old pieces - it is now outlawed due to the possibility of poisening from ingesting cobalt - a mineral.

When those old pieces were fired the cobalt ran over the transfer decoration - if you go to a site like Loversofblueandwhite.com - you can see some really fantastic examples - and right away you will notice the difference. The difference in value is stunning too! A pretty and decorative English transferware plate like yours should bring something like $15 - $35 depending on age, pattern etc. On the other side - a "Flow Blue" piece would be easily double that amount. The site I gave you also has pricing - it is in English pounds - but you can easily translate it into American USD.


I would love to see the makings on your pieces and please share your chinz piece - too - those are a different story altogeather ( LOL)  - It's a lot to learn - but it's lots of fun too - Happy Hunting!

Thanks for the reply! That will teach me to believe everything I see on the Internet! I saw two plates exactly like mine on Ebay selling for $75.00 and $100.00 respectively. .

I was also reading about transferware but as I saw these listed as Flow Blue I just assumed it to be true.

I will put the back markings on in the future, in fact I think that I do have a photo of the back marking of the Lord Nelson which is the plate on the top. I have seen it listed as Flow Blue Chintz on a few web sites.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply, on the plus side now I can enjoy them on my wall without feeling guilty about ruining something really pricy!

I have other plates as well including what appears to be a hand painted Myott and Sons and a few Limoges which I now understand could really mean just about anything...lol!

The Pekin plate is definitely flow blue, recognized in multiple books and the FBICC's online database of identified patterns. Your other plate is definitely chintz and very lovely. Great finds!


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