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In the Flow Blue International Collectors’ Club we are enthusiastic about our flow blue and mulberry china. Education is an important part of our mission. We are fortunate to count among our current and past
members the experts in the field. These individuals have spent countless hours
researching, photographing, and otherwise documenting our beloved china. The
fruits of their labors have been the publishing of a number of books beginning
with the three volume set by Petra Williams. Her set of books, published in the
70’s, is still considered to be the bible of flow blue and mulberry collecting.
The following is a list of publications by our members, many featuring the
amazing collections of our membership. It will provide you with an invaluable
library to enhance your collecting and enjoyment of flow blue and mulberry

Mary Frank Gaston, The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Flow Blue China (1987) and Collector’s Encyclopedia of Flow Blue China: Second Series, (1994), Collector Books.

Ellen R. Hill, Mulberry Ironstone, Flow Blue’s Best Little Secret, 1993, Mulberry Hill Publishers.

Norma Jean Hoener, Flow Blue China: Additional Patterns and New Information, 1996, Flow Blue International Collector’s Club

Jan Kobach and Sharon Glendenning, Flow Blue and Mulberry Handbooks, I, II, III, 2002,Kobach and Glendenning Publishers.

Arnold and Dorothy Kowalsky, Encyclopedia of Marks, 1780-1980, (1990) Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Lorraine Punchard, Playtime Dishes (1978), Child’s Play (1982), Playtime Pottery and Porcelain from the United Kingdom and the
United States (1996), NS 200 Years of Playtime Pottery and Porcelain (2003).
Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Connie Rogers, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Willow Ware (2004). Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Jeffrey B. Snyder, Flow Blue: A Collector’s Guide to Pattern, History, and
Values (1992); Historic Flow Blue (1994), Fascinating Flow Blue (1997),
Romantic Staffordshire Ceramics (1997) and Flow Blue: A Closer Look (2000).
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

William H. Van Buskirk, Late Victorian Flow Blue and Other Ceramic Wares: A Selected History of Potteries and Shapes (2002), Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Petra Williams, Flow Blue China: An Aid to Identification (1971), Flow Blue China II (1973), Flow Blue China and Mulberry
Ware: Similarity and Value Guide (1975), Staffordshire Romantic Transfer
Patterns (1978), and Staffordshire II (1986). Fountain House East.

In addition, a number of our members have published smaller works such as articles in antique magazines, trade journals, and our club newsletter, The Blue Berry Notes, which is available only to members. Join now and keep abreast
of the latest works by our members.

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This is my new book "Flow Blue." It takes its name from a set of china that traveled with the women in an Irish family from mid 19th century Athlone, to present day Boston along with a flow of depression. It is the story of the trials and tribulations of five generations of women in the same family, their successes and their disappointments. 


It is available on Amazon.com in softcover and ePub format. Also, at iBooksmith and Lulu.com 


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