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The short answer is Yes! You have got to remember back to the days when these ladies were being produced, the 1940's - the early 1970's. Plastic flowers were often used for several reasons but probably most importantly, they were cheap and the arrangement lasted forever. Of course there were some florist that used live cut flowers when they were in season. However, in some of my research it was noted that florist did not like them simply because they held so few flowers and that kept the cost of the arrangement low. In terms of value, there are some collectors that really like these plastic flowers and they will pay a premium to get them. At best, the original flowers probably add 10-25% in the value from what I have seen.  I've added a couple pics of other plastic arrangements in my collection. Does anyone else have info that they can share? How about some pics of your vases with their plastic flowers?  

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Interesting , thank you. 

Thanks for the helpful info, I did not know that.  The few head vases that I have seen have not had flowers in them. 

These flowers were with her when i bought her but i am not for sure if they are her original ones.


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