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In an attempt to attract new members to the Lovely Ladies group I'm giving away a vintage head vase to one lucky new member. I will even pay the shipping in the continental U.S. Here are the easy rules :

1) Every person that joins the group between Sept. 21, 2013 and October 31, 2013 will be entered into a random drawing to win the vase. This is all you need to do to qualify:

A) join the group and B) post a comment on the wall telling how you found out about the lovely ladies group.

It's that simple! I've added a pic of the vase that I'm giving away. She is marked Napco A5046 and stands 4 1/2" tall. Best of luck and Welcome to the Lovely Ladies Group!


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Hi and I am so glad to know thre is a group for collecting these wonderful vases! I inherited my grandmother's collection and my mothers. I have always loved them and have added quite a few myself. I think I have about 60. Ill post some pics soon to show you. Always charming and so pretty lady headvases are wonderul to collect!  I am so happy to be part!

Found out about your group through an email.  Would love to win your head vase!  I have a small collection, attached picture.  Don't know much about the clown, but he seemed old, I found him in a yard sale.  Bonnie

Bonnie, Welcome to the group! Glad you joined and that you shared a pic of your vases!. I just found your clown vase on page 320 of David Barron's book "Collecting Head Vases Identification and Pricing Guide'. Your other vases are really nice. I recently gave one with the crown to a friend for his birthday. Good luck in the drawing for the vase!


How exciting, can you copy paste what they say about the clown?  I don't have this book and I am not familiar with it.  Thank you for the reply. 



I saw this group when it first started and didn't join because I only have a few of these lovely ladies.  My S-I-L however has a huge collection and they are incredible.

Anyways, I was just checking my old email account and saw the contest.

She's a beauty Marlin

I found this group looking for information on head vases that I purchased at an auction on Saturday.  Two are Gladding McBean large heads - one has the vase in the hat and the other at the shoulder.  The other two are a man and a woman advertised as vases but the only openings are at the bottom.  I think they are art deco in style and are Lennox.  Would love to get any information on them.  Sorry I don't have a photo with me but will try to upload one later.  I do also have a few head vases of this type in my family.  The one pictured above is lovely.

Hi Deb.. Please do post pics of your heads and the group will do what we can to give you any info! I love buying vases at auctions and estate sales. I recently found 7 Cameo girls at a yard sale!

I head about this group from facebook and am very happy to see this page up and running. I have always been interested in the head vases and have several.

Hi Jason, Glad you found the group! I know that I have sold you several duplicates from my collection, I think you bought a Jackie Kennedy and a Mary Poppins last year. Please do snap and post some pics of your lovely ladies. The group would love to see them.  

Posts in the news feed caught my eye, and I'm looking forward to learning more about head vases.

The time has come to close the contest and announce the winner. Karen from NY was randomly selected this morning. Congratulations Karen and thanks to everyone else that played along!



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