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Okay fellow Tchotcholics - the summer heat is on and the dog days of August are upon us. It is time to wake up this group - turn off the heat and get chillin with our Tchotchke's. What's your favorite Tchotchke and why? Don't forget to post your picture and while your at it make sure you you add a profile picture so we can get to know you better!

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I've found some great Tchotchkes over the years. I've sold some and kept some. I think my favorite ones would be my Menehune collection. They are made from lava and come from Coco Joe's in Hawaii. Technically they would be considered tourist souvenirs I guess, but tchochkes nonetheless. They sit right beside the more "quality" pieces in my china cabinet.


PS- Your photo is way too small to see.


OMG. I thought it was just me.... I keep those too.


Now this is what I call Nirvana Tchotchke Heaven!

sorry, I don't know how to work this system too well. I am trying to show you the item and the is about 6 inches good condition; if you are interested I am nnostalgia (at)   will be glad to list it on etsy......nancesnostalgia  thanks!

Is this a ?????? not a planter, a part of something? I dunno. It is for sale but I feel this pulling obligation to find out what it is first......I know a Man with a Monkey, organ grinder....but what is it? A pen holder?  HELP!!  thanks.  But these are the kinds of tchotchke that I have perched everywhere so just a glance about the room will bring on smiles.......I call them little hugs.....

little chalk? puppy tchotchkes made in Japan ...they followed me home:p

why are they 2 of my faves? ......just look at them!!!! i simply cannot resist ...they make me smile :)

Me too - they are so cute!


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