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Is there a difference beween a tchotchke and a keepsake? What's your opinion on this world shattering question?

Is there a difference beween a tchotchke and a keepsake? What's your opinion on this world shattering question? Members please chime in here? 

Show us examples of tchotchckes versus keepsakes......

how many of you have a special bookcase or room just for your tchotchkes?

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I think I once mentioned that my 88 year old mother although born in the USA spoke only Yiddish until she was five. She always called EVERYTHING that was decorative a tchotchkes. For her it was interchangeable more with a nick -nack. I guess I see it the same way as her.

To me a keepsake is anything I might keep close to my heart..a dried rose from a valentines gift, the Ritz Carlton robe a friend gave me, my childs first lost tooth.

To me, the difference is a tchotchke is something I keep but since it's only interesting to me, I keep it tucked away.  A keepsake is something that I think others would enjoy seeing.  Those I display on a hutch that my mother hand painted and is one of my most cherished keepsakes.   I'm in the process of rearranging furniture but here is a picture of the hutch without the keepsakes.


Lori and Collectors hub, interesting viewpoints. Hope others will join our discussion.

Great discussion. Interesting how each of us sees the same thing in a vastly different way yet I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.

This is my "ultimate " tchotchke collection of assorted tiny little thingys

you never give them up, you collect them because they are ugly to others but found a place in your heart, and yes i have my daughters first lock of hair and tooth and scan(when i was expecting) i think some of my family are concerned .... bought a porcelain goat/sheep thing today  ..... all to keep

lorri the word keepsake is spot on


I understand Kathy, I keep finding the tiny animal tchotchkes's as if I was meant to find them. I put them in the little box on my daughters old desk. I feel like a child doing it but I get some much enjoyment from them
If you look closely by the gum machine there is a tiny bear with salmon in his mouth :)

i have some at home and some on my desk (haha) and some in the office i keep my collection in, they surround me ............ i like your elephants

Thank you. I found the shadow box with a few tchotchkes in it a while ago. Since then I have added to the collection. 

I really feel like a child when I find new things for it..and it's a good feeling. It brings back that innocent awe and wonder ...I'm amazed at some of these things. I find them quite beautiful and charming, too

Kathy, I LOVE elephants

me too real and figurines - must say my sheep is a little scary he has zombie eyes but i love him


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