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I'm looking for a candy bowl like the one pictured here. It's 7" wide by 7" tall. Thanks!

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Try a place like replacements


Thanks! I did try them and they said they couldn't identify the piece. 

Then I would suggest Pick up copy of The Antiques and The Arts Weekly . Many a Dealer are available to help

Good idea. Thanks!

most welcome its been a life saver many a time


we have two candy dispensers both original

we also have these great candy dispensers

you can buy them from me my number is 970-250-7539 $295/each 

plus shipping.

Hello I have a nice candy dish.

Interesting piece, Carol.

First - Hi, all! Been a member of Dianne's site for awhile but not posted til now.

I've seen a lot of 'stuff' over many years of 'hunting and gathering'. ;-)

My impressions:

~ let's not rule out powder dish. Dressing table and vanity sets have been around for awhile and were comprised - as you know - of various items depending on the period: tray, edt/cologne decanters, hair receiver, candle sticks, open dish and covered powder pot, amongst other items.

Re: the design -

~looks to be the hand of two 'artists'. The white motif was that of a much higher skilled hand than the raised meandering scroll gold designs between. I could, today, use a tube of Pebeo Vitrea outliner in an old gold color, squeeze the design onto open areas (of glass) , where it would dry in that raised relief effect seen in your dish. It looks to be the case here. The gold was applied by a more amateur hand. You see how the two styles don't quite 'fit' or go together? One is clunkier than the controlled, more delicate precision of the feather/leaf/floral (?) design motif.

The small simple white raised flowers are reflective of a style found on Moser  and Bohemian glass, but this is no Moser; more of Fenton or a newer piece; given the modern characteristics of glass ball finial and scrolled feet. Fenton employed hundreds of artists over the years and it will be difficult to hone in on this design if fr Fenton house or even if fr Fenton at all. It may have begun as an aqua frosted covered dish blank and been hand-painted after. I believe I have seen the white motif but it's lost in the jumble of images imprinted in my memory. So I would say keep looking but don't expect to see the raised gold outlining incorporated, as -imo- it is specific to only that piece.

That's what my gut tells me.

I will keep my eyes open for you, Carol.



Thank you for the new leads! I will begin searching with your new ideas. This is incredibly helpful. My grandmother gave me the dish and unfortunately, I have cracked it; a whole piece broke out. I would like to be able to have another one that's whole as I love it-for the beauty and the memories. 

I'm so sorry your heirloom treasure broke. Never give up the hunt. One day, possibly years from now, you may see another. It has happened for me more times than I can count but in some cases taken a year or two. Is it broken apart now? *Edited to add: it appears you have put it back together. Bravo! You will still be able to admire it as a whole and it will always be hers; infused with the energy of the hands that once held it and grandmother's spirit.

Oh! Take a close-up of the white painted motif, upload it to your computer and do a google image search to match and a Pinterest search. Anything resembling that design will pop up for you to further investigate. Happy hunting!



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