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I adore salt dips and particularly enjoy individual ones as opposed to buying sets. I don't mind sets, but no more than 2-4 alike in one grouping. I prefer the off-the-wall, unique, quirky ones that catch your eye. For example I have 2 separate ones that were made of different kinds of shells with a shell spoon to finish it off. I lean more towards glass than pottery, colorful rather than plain. However, I loved pressed and cut glass, if they are beautiful. My favorite color is orange and that is the color I can't seem to find. If anyone out there has anything that sounds like this, please contact me....I'd love to see what you have and perhaps we can strike a deal for both of us!

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So, orange salt cellars. Let me find some 4 leaf clovers 1st and then I'll seek our some orange cellars for you  8' } ...!




Funny that you say that. I have a set of light green clover salt dips! If I get time I'll try to remember to take a pic to show you! I am a true enthusiast and I wasn't kidding when I said I like the odd or unique salt dips! LOL

I, too, am a salt cellar fanatic!  I have a discussion on salt cellars which I'd love for you to contribute to when you have a chance.  You can find the link on this site!  Here's a pretty salt cellar of mine - yes, it is orange.  It is not currently for sale, though!  I have a hard time parting with my salts :)

I have a pair of 925 viking ship cellars. And in the shop I have a set of 6 or 8 light green bavarian cellars. Will post a pic for your salt cellar pleasure.

These salts are beautiful!  

Oh, Elaine....your salt dips are just beautiful! So ornate and  elegant! Mine aren't as fancy as yours, but I'm a little quirky in my taste. I simply LOVE the orange one, though! But I do totally understand not letting go of your precious collectibles, they each are differently special to me. I have to admit that I have to be cautious and make myself take breaks from looking for and purchasing them...it's like a little high when I seek one out, get to purchase it and then it arrives and I covet it and get to select where to display it and in which curio...it's an addiction! My mother laughs at me and says they ought to make a "Salt Dip Anonymous" support group for people like me!

So where do I find the conversation you made reference to? I'd love to visit with other salt dip lovers...I don't find many, particularly my age. Most people my age have never heard of them, but neither had I until my aunt told me what they were. I had displayed them for several years with the other china I inherited from my great-great grandmother on my father's side. They were given to her as a wedding present, so we estimate them to be date to the late 1800's-early 1900's. And they mean even more to me because my father left us when I was 2 and I never knew him. However, his 2 sisters made the conscious decision to remain in our lives and be our only aunt's, as my mother is an only child...and THEN when my aunt's passed the china down to ME, it meant the world to me to receive such treasures. They were simply packed away and not displayed so my aunts decided to give them to me one trip they made to Arkansas from Michigan when I was in 7th grade. The entire weekend we unpacked, laid out, set up the place settings, took pictures, then washed them and put them in china keepers where they stayed until I bought my own home 23 years later. I had waited for the day I had a stable and safe place to let them out of their safe keeping and display so I could see them every single day. In addition to the full set of china and stemware, there were collectible plates and odd serving dishes, and some other pieces I proudly displayed even though I didn't have a clue what purpose they served! And I really didn't care, either. They were just beautiful and I loved them. Approximately 4-5 yrs later when my aunts were down from Michigan they were admiring and happy to see how I displayed the family inheritance...I didn't just leave them in boxes for safe keeping. It was only then I learned about the items for what purpose I had no clue! Turned out that 5 of those "unidentified items" were beautiful ceramic and gold-rimmed salt dips and from that moment on I was hooked!!! One of the other "unidentified items" we all had named it the 'pressed glass barbell'...which makes me laugh now, is a knife rest...and I haven't seen one since, although I haven't looked either.

But it is so fascinating to me the dinnerware they used then that has almost been forgotten about. And what a shame it would be if we didn't keep those pieces alive and in circulation of collections to see how times have changed and to appreciate the craftsmanship of the items back when things were truly handmade, not mass produced. I will take some pics of some of my favorites and post them so you can see...but now, remember I'm quirky, not elegant like you. But I love them. I actually began purchasing them with specific family members in mind. My intent is when we all gather for a holiday meal, or celebration that I would choose to allow my salt dips to be used, I like each person to have their salt dip to be one that reminds me of them or that I felt mirrored their personality. For example my mother has the master salt dip that is blue cloisonne (favorite color and she collects cloisonne anything) and it actually has a topper to put pepper, too. But then I just went crazy and wild and the more I searched, the more I fell in love with so many and I just kept buying them. I've had to put myself on a purchasing hiatus due to my fixed income from being disabled. Every once in a while I treat myself, but I get out of control!!! LOL

So, can you tell I'm thrilled to talk salt dips with someone??? Haha...I'm not certain how to navigate around this site just yet so can you lead me to this conversation??? I'd love to read up on other posts and join the mutual adoration for salt dips with other folks! And how do I find you again? Only through this conversation? Or can we become friends? Or how does this work? If you could give me a little lesson, I'd appreciate it. I spent hours on here last night and asked a lot of questions but have not idea how to get back to those sites now.

Thanks for sharing the pic of your collection and commenting on my introduction. I look forward to future chats about salt dips with you!

Dana Whitney

Wow, Dana!  I really loved reading your story about your journey to loving salt cellars!  And I am very happy to know that there is someone out there as passionate about salts as I!  While it is true that many of my salts could be described as "elegant" I think I do have at least a few that could be termed "quirky" too!  I have only just begun to post pictures of my salts on my discussion on Vintage Salts (Here is a link to the page.  I am not very technologically advanced, so I certainly hope this will work.)  Try the following link!  


I'll be adding more and more pictures of the salts in my collection as time goes by and I'd be thrilled if you would add pictures of yours, as well, when you have time!   I am a bit older than you I think but it is even difficult to find people my age who are interested in the subject.  They are a bit before my time and I am not even sure if my parents had much use for them.   I was fascinated by your "glass barbell" comment as I am also an avid collector of knife rests!   I prefer miniature and small vintage and antique items.  I do collect many categories of items, but salt cellars are definitely one of my favorites!

Like you, I am addicted!  I cannot resist a beautiful and unusual salt.  But please don't ask me where I developed a love for them.  Neither of my parents really collected much of anything and very little was left to me by grandparents.  I remember as a child collecting gum ball prizes and would keep a cigar box full.  I would look at each prize every night, inspecting each one lovingly.  They were my treasures, and perhaps this is where I first developed my love for these tiny jewels.  I cannot say for sure.  Perhaps I am just making up for lost time as my parents hadn't much interest in this pasttime.   I may never really know!

I, too, am excited to talk about salt cellars with you!  I hope you will be able to access the discussion I started (so far, it is a bit one-sided, as no one else has seemed to discover it yet!).  Please let me know if the link doesn't work but commenting on this page.  I will find your message and try to fix the issue!

Thanks again for your message!  I look forward to future talks with you about our favorite subject ;)




We have a group for S&P and salt cellars is a division within it.  Here is a link,


Hi, Tom!  Yes, the discussion within Collectible Salt and Pepper Shakers is the one I started, called Vintage and Antique Salt Cellars.  I'd love to have some comments from others besides myself in that discussion!  My discussion is the only one I see which refers to salt cellars.  If I'm missing another division which discusses salt cellars, please let me know! :)

Hi Dana, how about this one I am selling on etsy = https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/205215190/1906-birmingham-england-a...

I have a pink depression and a cobalt I could part with.


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