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Looking for flour sifter, bread box lid, spice racks, sugar bowl metal rack, glass jars. Anything to do with Hoosier/Sellers/Boone/Napanee/Wilson cabinets

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I have a few parts.

Flour sifter,

door rack to hold papers(?) on the inside door

the rimmed spice jars to go into a jar holder

the round spice jar holder with 6(?) places for spice jars

Hey Jack, can you send me pics and prices please on the items you mentioned


I'll have to dig them out of the garage... give me a few days. I'll send pix when I find them.

Sounds good, I will be looking forward to seeing them.

Thank you 

Any luck finding the hoosier parts? Very interested in knowing what you have.

Thanks, Tim

I have an old glass sellers jar, bottom marked 1924.

looking to get rid of it? how much?

I know where a complete Hoosier is located and it's free if it's still there and you can figure a way to get it out. It's also illegal to remove it (1903 Antiquities Act) US Forest Service, Salmon Natl Forest, Idaho. In a cabin 1.5 miles up East Boulder Creek at old gold mining claim. Must ford the main Salmon River to get to it, or find the old overgrown road that once served the mine. Watch out for rattle snakes.  I found one.

The Hoosier was the base unit with metal lined bins and dry sink, and the cupboards above. All supplies (no food) were left when deserted. There was a calendar on the wall when I was there in the mid 1980s, dated 1957. Prior owner was a Chinese MD from Boise; didn't copy his name. All mines (6 of them) were blown shut by USFS.  I went there looking for a 1922 Essex (car) said to be parked inside a mine. I didn't see it but there was a frame of a 1930s car.

I put the dead rattler in a skillet with lid atop the old stove.

I don't advocate breaking the law but there is a lot of good old stuff going to waste there. There were 3 paper barrels with lids full of clothing, mostly mine related.

Google earth shows a road south of the mine about 1 to 3 miles. Old road probably is in there. I floated across the "River of No Return" (Main Salmon) on inner tubes and hiked up old trail along the west bank of the creek.

If you're into old mining it's really exciting. There is a wooden chute where gold ore came down the hillside into a bin. Ore dropped into a crusher run by a 1 HP gas engine, circa 1900! From  there, now pulverized it went across a series of in-ground riffles where the gold was separated from the matrix. All of this was still there when I visited it. I didn't remove anything except the 6 rattles off the dead snake.

Hope you  like this story.

I have a coffee and tea canister made from glass which I understand is Hoosier jars.  There is a salt shaker that also looks to be of the period.  Here are some of the pics.  I was planning on selling them in a tag sale the beginning of June.


I have a Hoosier Cabinet.  Has flour sifter, bread box and not sure if it what you would be interested in.  It is original and has the label.  First time on this site.   Posting pictures.


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