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Am looking for vintage tabletop items and souvenir items from Florida from the 40's and 50's.  Also looking for tabletop  linens  (pink and/or green or both)

Would love to hear from anyone who has such items for sale or knows places in southern Florida where I can hunt them down; I live in Palm Beach Gardens.

Many thanks,

Abby A.

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Hi Abby,

Do the linens need to have a Florida motif?

I am not positive these are what you are looking for:

For sale are two sets of vintage salt and pepper shakers, souvenirs of Florida.


Hi Meryl,

I am using unmatched souvenir plates of Florida for my dinner-party "set", so the napkins just need to coordinate with that theme; vintage pink/green would be good or even multi-colored as I will be using  gold rimmed Blendo  glasses in various colors with the plates.

I like the salt and pepper shakers, though I just found some flamingo ones.  However, i do like these--  Price?

Thanks for getting back to me!


Thanks for the message, Sherry.  I'm a big fan of ETSY and saw the cloths already, but I do appreciate your taking the time to write.

HI Abby,

I also collect vintage Florida items.  I'm downsizing my collection (it has taken over the house).  Is there anything in particular you are looking for?  I have Florida tablecloths, flamingos, state plate/s and more.  Let me know if you'd like to see anything and I'll post pics.


OMG! You have everything I'm looking for--please post pix for me!  If I get most of it will you give me a "lot" price?  Thanks for responding.  My own email is abby118@comcast.net.

I am sooo excited!


Sure - I'll give you a lot price. Just give me a day or two to get it all together.  If you don't hear from my by Monday, please feel free to e-mail me.  I'm liquidating some of my grandmother's estate along with some of my collection so it's just a little overwhelming!


Dear Melissa,

Just a reminder about getting back to me with your items.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Abby,

I didn't forget that I promised to send you photos of the vintage Florida items I have to sell.  I just started selling on eBay again and it's been a bit crazy.  I'm in S. Florida as well.  I have found vintage Florida items primarily at thrift stores, yard sales and auctions..  Rummage sales have been good to me and the prices are usually very low.  However, get there early.  I have even helped set up and been allowed to make a pile of items to buy. I haven't had an enormous amount of look at estate sales in my area.  They are usually run by a company and the prices can be exorbitant (for my budget).  I'm not familiar with your area in terms of thrifts and yard sales.  I do know that the Lake Worth area has a ton of thrifts, antique stores, etc.  Also, I've seen many people advertising vintage items in that area.  The fairground in West Palm have frequent antique shows.  In addition, two or three times per year they run an indoor garage sale.  I have done very well there. 

I rarely come across vintage FL tablecloths (or any mid century ones) lately.  However, I do find FL plates and other souvenir type items.

I have a flexible schedule and if you would like to come to my area, I'd be happy to go thrifting with you.  I'm familiar with most of Ft. Laud, Davie, Hollywood and some of Miami.  There is also an online site that lists all nonprofit thrifts by area - The Thrift Shopper.

I'll get you the pics over the weekend.  If you need more info, please just ask.  I don't mind sharing.



Hi Melissa,

Great to hear from you; I would love to have a friend to go thrifting with!

I look forward to seeing the pics this weekend (or whenever!)

Thanx again for getting back to me,


Abby, any interest?

Condition, tall one has crazing on it and  some small blotches of green on the base.  Looks like it's an unfired glob of glaze.

Tall one is 8-1/4 inches.  Takes a standard taper.

My e-mail address is on my page under Members (just below the red marble).

Made in Taiwan, MSR Imports, 1985. (That's off the west coast of Florida)

Thanks for thinking of me, but I'm looking for more vintage items(40's-60's)

Thanks anyway,



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