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Do You Like To Go Antiquing Alone Or With A Buddy?


Lets start a  discussion about your modus operandi  (strategy) when you go out antiquing. Do you make it a social thing or are you  a solo hunter?

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I usually hunt best solo, but visit with friends around the market.


My Mother rides along, on Sunday mornings to not be by her self we get McDonalds for breakfast on the drive to the flea, she gets the sunday newspaper, and reads it as I do retail theropy, running around the flea.she never gets out of the vehicle to look a round, she could care less about that old junque! my dad was the opposit, we went everywhere( he is now decededsp?)


 I will see what happens in 2012 when my brother comes back to Michigan to live after living in California for the last 30 years.


If I'm shopping for my business I usually go alone, even if I meet and chat with other dealers when I get there (like an auction). But I also like to visit shops with my mom and SIL who have different tastes.

My days out hunting for trasure usually involve my husband and although it is fun he is not patient at all. I am looking for a female friend or so who love to take their time and dig for treasures. I like to collect old dishes, bowls and baskets. I buy what appeals to me and is a good price. I am becoming addicted to old Pyrex and old pottery bowls but love rare old baskets too. I live 15 minutes northwest of Allentown so if there are any females out there looking for a buddy for weekend let me know. I am a smoker but a polite one who does not smoke in the car or near non smokers. I am 48 and married white female mother of two grown kids and a soon to be grandma!

Hi Connie, my name is Ellen, 55, and I too am a take my time digger as well.  Unfortunately I live quite a distance from you (Queens, NY) but it is nice to know there are people looking for a "hunting" buddy too.

Did you ever get a partner to go on your treasure hunts?  My name is Debbie & if I lived there I would take you up on it. I am in Utah and LOVE to antique & thrift shop. I like vintage kitchen items, linens, perfume and vanity items & currently on the hunt for the "boudoir doll". I love to take my time-sometimes my husband comes along but he makes me a little nervous if I feel I am taking too long. Wished we lived closer--it would be a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to have a hunting treasure buddy I live in Michigan near Metro Airport in Romulus..

Hi I'm a Philly girl who will go out wit or wit out as we say when talking about cheese steaks or antiques

I d love to find others to go with both near and far

Paula, I live in Collegeville, Pa. 30 minutes from you. If you ever want a buddy to go picking with let me know. I know most of the haunts as I am in the biz. I enjoy the pursuit and rummage aspect of it.
I usually go out alone because I usually have an agenda. Since I am in the art biz I try to focus on artwork. If there is someone who I know that is interested in like objects I will invite them along. When I am not trying to find the elusive "score", than I will usually try to do museums or slowly galavant through haunts where I have never been with people that know about antiques but aren't necessarily as fervent.


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