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I have a vareity of ornaments that were my grandmothers. She traveled a lot so some of them may have come from Austria, Germany and Czech, others I think are from Woolworth. They are likely from the 40s and 50s but I don't know enough to identify them well. any suggestions? I haven't taken pictures yet.

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Love to see your photos, Julie! Sounds like you may have some sweet vintage treasures.

Here are 3 of 5 boxes im going through today. I have more packed away. Im just starting the research process so any help is appreciated. Some say made in usa. Im thinking those are the ones she bought at Woolworth. I even have 2 Woolworth boxes. There are clearly some much older ones though and some hand blown as well. I cant believe they've survived so long as they are so delicate.

How's your research coming along, Julie?

I came across this interesting article: Collector's Weekly Vintage Christmas Ornaments, explaining how Mr Woolworth began being a distributor of these pretty glass ornaments.

Collectors Weekly: Are there well-known German ornament artists?

Kugels glass Christmas ornaments that are made using colored glass and then silvered on the inside.

Kugels glass Christmas ornaments that are made using colored glass and then silvered on the inside.

Arnold: Artists never made the antique ornaments. Cottage-industry workers did. The whole family was involved in the production of ornaments. The grandfathers and the fathers were the glassblowers. The mothers and daughters did the silvering. Sometimes children were given the job of painting the ornaments. It was pretty much a one-room kind of business. Everyone slept, ate, and worked in the same room to create the ornaments.

When F.W. Woolworth was first approached about selling German Christmas ornaments, he was a little hesitant, but he ordered some and they were huge success. And so he would go over every year and place his orders from cottages in the different villages and towns. Of course, every little cottage wanted him to pick their ornaments, so they were always trying to outdo one another. What might Mr. Woolworth want this time? This is where the creative part came in. What can we do that’s better and different? So that helped stimulate creativity."

Very interesting Ellene.  Oh my the holidays killed my research. 17 family members in town and 4 kids to .....HoHoHo...I did look into opening a booth at a local antique store though and did find some additional shiny brites and 3 Bradford silver kings on camels that were packed with my "regular" stuff. Did I ever post a pix of the paper mache nativity figurines?  These are clearly quite old.

Hopefully at this rate I will have them all ready for sale by "Christmas in July"

Lovely, Julie! Looks like these were taken care of very well.

You may not believe this but "new" ornaments are considered any after World War II. "Old" ornaments are pre-war and earlier. So, ornaments from late 40's and early 50's are called new. :) Those are very collectible as in Shiny Brite ornaments, which are quite popular.

Last year a member of this group posted some of her ornaments. CraveCute  may be a good person to also help you identify and give some thoughts in your research.


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