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eBay Buying Guide says, "Companies such as Hallmark, Lenox, and Dept 56 make a wide variety of Christmas collectibles designed to elicit holiday cheer and inspire your spirit of giving.

Christmas ornaments: Christmas ornaments can set the theme of your Christmas tree or make charming decorations year-round. Simple, traditional choices include Precious Moments ornaments, Hummel ornaments, and Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments that reflect a variety of traditions. Those looking for understated elegance may want to consider silver or hand-painted fine china Lenox ornaments or simple, ivory Margaret Furlong ornaments in the shape of angles, snowflakes, and more. In 1986 collectors began discovering the joy of collecting Christopher Radko ornaments and you can find more than 10,000 designs today. These handcrafted European mouth-blown glass ornaments are painted by hand with some reflecting the holidays and others recreating retro American ornaments of the 1940s and 1950s. Looking to let loose and have some fun with your ornaments? Consider Lenox ornaments in the shape of Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, or Sesame Street characters or Midwest of Cannon Falls ornaments depicting Looney Tunes characters. Midwest of Cannon Falls also produces candy- and s'mores-themed ornaments. Consider ornaments when looking for special gifts for people celebrating December birthdays, moving into a new home, or welcoming a new baby during the winter holiday season."


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This isn't exactly the right place but there don't seem to be a place for Steiff or Nativity so I'm wondering about these Holiday collectibles.  I think they are from the 40s.  The Nativity figures are a variety. 

The boy with lamb is clearly marked with the spider, but the manger/baby simply says "Italy". 

The 3 kings, mary and Joseph in darker paint, along with most of the animals are paper mache but have no markings. 

The lighter (faded?) figures have a plastic/waxy feel with two holes on the bottom of each figure.  I can see a bit of cracking on one and it doesn't appear to be made of plastic...more of a coating.  Those have me stumped.

Santa?  Maybe a Steiff???


Julie...this is the right place to for your holiday collectibles! Sorry I missed seeing your post until now. I may - make an entire discussion for your Santa doll and see if we can get some opinions.

Your nativity figures are beautiful. What is their provenance? Did you receive them all together - as a complete set?

Kovel's December 2014 Newsletter on Christmas Collectibles!

Santa candy containers were among the hundreds of Christmas collectibles that sold at a New Jersey auction. This one, made of composition and wood, went for $826.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments are the best! This one is just beautiful: Native American Barbie  from the Hallmark Keepsake Collector’s Series, dated 1996. Sculpted by Patricia Andrews, she is the first in the “Dolls of the World” Series.

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