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Here is the scoop....Social Networks have a lot in common with families. Just like in a family, members of a social network also develop familiar roles which are identifiable. One member may be" the soother", another one is "the leader", yet another one is the "thinker" or even the "activist" or "diplomat". You get the idea. Well what does this have to do with coming up with being an effective group moderator or co-moderator.

The answer is simple...get to know your particular "group family" (members in your group). Everyone who is a member of your group has something special to offer. ..get to know what each member "brings to the table" (their resources). By doing this.....you (the group moderator) will maximize your strengths and have a more effective group..

Here are some practical ideas.

1. When you see a "first born type" (leader) recruit them to co-moderate with you and post some fresh forums.

2. When you discover "a thinker"...invite them to investigate a topic and report on a subject.

3. When you find a "diplomat" ask them to iron out tangles.

You can engage members in many ways. You can write a note on the comment wall of your group or send a private message to a member.

Here are some possible scenarios

Looking for Thinker types
You observe that :"Joe" is a "thinker type" ..... you see on his profile page that he is giving a lecture on ______, well by all means recruit "Joe" ...send him a message......ask him to write some new forums which members of your group might like to learn about.


You Observe that one member is very active in your group.

"Looking for Leaders"

"Sally" is a leader type and she could be a great co moderator...so you might send her a message and say "you seem to have a lot of great photos of ___and much knowledge about ______, would you like to help me co-moderate this group?

And you don't have to just LOOK in your group for "talent" and "help" either....you can look outside your group in the entire community at Iantiqueonline.com or even outside the community among your colleagues. Invite new members into your group who show an interest in your topic. Be an ambassador.

Please share your experiences and ideas here further.................

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