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Excellent links to help you identify your glass - Glass Trinket boxes and vanity sets. - One of the very best sites for identifying American Depression glass!   A very fine website for identifying art deco era and earlier Bohemia/Czech art glass, including Stolzle and many other artists! - A list of Czeh/Bohemia art glass makers. Many will respond to direct questions regarding your items. - One of the best sites I've ever seen for EAPG (early American pattern glass) If your on the hunt, start here first! - This is a fantastic site to determine who did the etchings on your prized glassware, and may help identify American Antique glass as well! - This link is written in German, if you use Goggle it is easy to translate to English. It contain's catelogs from major glass houses in Europe and can be very helpful! - This is a sister site to the above, and also must be translated. It has wonderful info on pressed glass pieces from many Countries. - This link is particularly helpful when researching Art Deco styled glassware. - This is one of my favorite websites to research all glass made in the late 19th century going right on through into the 20th century. - This is a glass message board, where you can post your questions or concerns on particular pieces. - This is also a sister site to the one above. It is especially nice for finding glass markings, and it also has a section on "fake" glass markings. - Another excellent site with glass of many era's! American, European and some Czech and other examples as well. - A very excellent reference for identifying Antique Carnival Glass. - another excellent site for identifying Carnival Glass! - American Glassware, mainly covered animal dishes and novelty pieces. In business since 1978 ( I think) :) - 1957 German Crystal catalog - very helpful for identifying German crystal glass ware. - Excellent website for identifying etched depression era glass ware. - Excellent article on Depression Glass Woodland etchings. It clears up lots of confusion on those specific etched patterns. - This blog shows some examples of the Wheeling Decorating Co. That was in business until 1963! They primarily did glass and china etchings, and often we find these on Elegant depression glass pieces, and cannot identify the etching. This should be very helpful! - All things Indiana Glass, AKA Hoosier glass pieces! From antique to contemporary, including glass catalog pages! - A fine listing of all Heisey glass patterns, along with some etchings as well.

A very fine website with references to English made glassware including Sowerby and many others. - This site will help you discover the makers of antique bottles, very helpful including shapes, makers etc.

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Comment by vicki hufstetler on September 12, 2016 at 9:52pm

Yes indeed Bonnie! It is an American Elegant Depression era Rolled Edge console bowl! and it's gorgeous Roseanne!

Lucky You! The blue is amazing, and I'm thinking it was Tiffin Glass co. of Ohio that made yours! The time period of this glassware is the American Depression era - ca. 1920's to early 1940's. The style to is Depression glass, however yours we call "Elegant" as apposed to the common wares of the same period.

Some of our better companies continued to make a much higher quality glassware for those who could still afford such wares.

This is evidenced by the "ground or machined base" if you turn your bowl over, you will see a very "clean" looking base that would appear to be blown, though it is in fact pressed glass, but hand finished to have the appearance of blown glassware! Also noted is the fine detail of the gold or gilt edge decoration, which may or may not have been done by the manufacturing company. Many of our Elegant pieces were "farmed out" to other companies that specialized in decoration such as yours, only. Others did it themselves in-house.

Thankfully there is an abundance of info now available to us both online and in print. If you will look above this post, to the left you will find our group links to help you ID your glassware.

 Just find one that notes "Elegant" depression glass and I'm sure you will be able to ID yours fairly easily!

Thank you for sharing your lovely Heirloom with us and welcome to Glass Hounds! We are happy to have you! :)

Comment by BikerBonnie on September 12, 2016 at 9:35pm

it looks like a rolled edge console

Comment by Roseanne McLoughlin on September 12, 2016 at 9:26pm

Wondering if anyone has any ideas about this bowl.  I believe it's pressed glass.  It belonged to my grandmother (I'm 67), but not sure how long she had it.  It sits on a black porcelain pedestal with gold-painted trim.  The bowl itself is edged in an engraved pattern in some form of gold.  Curious as to what style or period it might belong if any.

Comment by vicki hufstetler on September 12, 2016 at 7:31pm

Howdy Rustic, Welcome to Glass Hounds! I would tend to agree with you on the Fostoria tumbler, but it might also be a later Cambridge pattern, which of course I've forgotten the name of - ugh! 

The first one might be Hocking, but that shape is not ringing any bells with me. You might also look at Libby and or Federal and Hazel Atlas ( all of whom, did a ton of drinking glass ware) 

If you look up top of this page, to the left, you will find a ton of links to help you ID all sorts of glassware. I've marked which types you can find along with the link.

Hope that helps ya a bit, and Nice to meet ya!

Comment by Rustic Way Lane on September 12, 2016 at 2:18pm

Hi, everyone!  Was wondering if anyone recognizes these?  I only have one of each I found in a box with some other pink depression glass.  The first one strongly resembles Fostoria's Virginia Pink, but I cannot find that they ever made a tumbler.  The other I'm thinking is maybe Anchor Hocking?  

Comment by vicki hufstetler on July 8, 2016 at 7:32pm

Thank you Lisa! You are very knowledgeable, especially on these vintage glasses! I find them difficult to ID.  So, WTG!

Another Gentlemen, I think has posted what I'm thinking may be original 1930's "Swanky Swigs" Hopefully they are posted here somewheres, :) 

Comment by Old Time Glass on July 8, 2016 at 2:42pm

I think the green one right above the Perspective red one could be by Bartlett-Collins, around the 60s

Comment by Old Time Glass on June 29, 2016 at 9:59pm

The red one is Noritake Perspective, made from 1970-85. The crystal one is Indiana Pebble Leaf #6, introduced in the1930s in crystal and green, then reissued in the 1950s-80s. It is in a 1980 catalogue with the ruby band. I'll keep looking for the rest

Lisa @ Old Time Glass

Comment by Susan Simpson on June 28, 2016 at 2:36pm

more and am probably posting some of these twice...

Comment by Susan Simpson on June 28, 2016 at 2:35pm



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