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Excellent links to help you identify your glass

http://www.glasstrinketsets.com/cms15/ - Glass Trinket boxes and vanity sets.

http://www.spglass.com/ - One of the very best sites for identifying American Depression glass!

http://www.20thcenturyglass.com/glass_encyclopedia/artdeco_glass/stolzle_glass/stolzleglass_home.htm   A very fine website for identifying art deco era and earlier Bohemia/Czech art glass, including Stolzle and many other artists!

http://www.glass.cz/list/skup.asp?co=113&lang=en&level=3 - A list of Czeh/Bohemia art glass makers. Many will respond to direct questions regarding your items.

http://www.patternglass.com/eapgHome.htm - One of the best sites I've ever seen for EAPG (early American pattern glass) If your on the hunt, start here first!

http://chataboutdg.com/gallery/search.htm - This is a fantastic site to determine who did the etchings on your prized glassware, and may help identify American Antique glass as well!

http://www.glas-musterbuch.de/ - This link is written in German, if you use Goggle it is easy to translate to English. It contain's catelogs from major glass houses in Europe and can be very helpful!

http://www.pressglas-pavillon.de/ - This is a sister site to the above, and also must be translated. It has wonderful info on pressed glass pieces from many Countries.

http://www.black-poppy.co.uk/ - This link is particularly helpful when researching Art Deco styled glassware.

http://www.20thcenturyglass.com/glass_encyclopedia_home.htm - This is one of my favorite websites to research all glass made in the late 19th century going right on through into the 20th century.

http://www.glassmessages.com/ - This is a glass message board, where you can post your questions or concerns on particular pieces.

http://glassgallery.yobunny.org.uk/ - This is also a sister site to the one above. It is especially nice for finding glass markings, and it also has a section on "fake" glass markings.

http://www.great-glass.co.uk/shops/shop5-1.htm - Another excellent site with glass of many era's! American, European and some Czech and other examples as well.

http://www.ddoty.com/index.html - A very excellent reference for identifying Antique Carnival Glass.

http://carnivalglass101.carnivalheaven.com/ - another excellent site for identifying Carnival Glass!

http://www.boydglass.net/ - American Glassware, mainly covered animal dishes and novelty pieces. In business since 1978 ( I think) :)

http://www.glas-musterbuch.de/DDR-Gebrauchswarenkatalog-1957.207.0.html - 1957 German Crystal catalog - very helpful for identifying German crystal glass ware.

http://chataboutdg.com/gallery/cat167.htm - Excellent website for identifying etched depression era glass ware.

http://www.virtualattic.com/those_confusing_woodland_scenes.htm - Excellent article on Depression Glass Woodland etchings. It clears up lots of confusion on those specific etched patterns.

http://threadsinthenest.blogspot.com/2012/08/wheeling-decorating-company.html - This blog shows some examples of the Wheeling Decorating Co. That was in business until 1963! They primarily did glass and china etchings, and often we find these on Elegant depression glass pieces, and cannot identify the etching. This should be very helpful!

http://indianaglass.carnivalheaven.com/default.htm - All things Indiana Glass, AKA Hoosier glass pieces! From antique to contemporary, including glass catalog pages!

http://www.natcapheisey.org/Resources.html - A fine listing of all Heisey glass patterns, along with some etchings as well.


A very fine website with references to English made glassware including Sowerby and many others.

http://www.sha.org/bottle/index.htm - This site will help you discover the makers of antique bottles, very helpful including shapes, makers etc.

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Comment by vicki hufstetler on January 20, 2015 at 10:11pm

I LOVE the AB Cut glass bowl - that one is for certain AB CUT! - it appears to have lots of wear, which I happen to love, as you know. :) But, I think you may also have a signature on the base. It's very hard to tell from the photo's. I use a regular scrub brush for dishes (soft bristle type) I put a bit of dish soap on it, wet the bowl, and really scrub into all those crevices. The "Brilliance" will astonish you, when you hold it to the light! Like a rainbow, is what they remind me of! Right in the center of the pinwheel there, on the base. I think I see letters, and I also think it might be Libby! ( which is Very Good) Let me know, when you get around to it.

Your beautiful crystal ashtray is Czech - vintage, 60's - 80's. I have two of them and I use them, lol The pattern is really pretty, but it washes up perfectly!

The last one looks like a nice old EAPG? Is that what your thinking to? Pattern seems familiar. So hard for me to recall so many pretty patterns - especially in EAPG - there are literally thousands! Half the time, I think I've nearly got it right, and nope, it was another I was thinking of - LOL All of them are gorgeous! but the AB bowl has my heart for now! :)

Comment by Chris Pollock on January 20, 2015 at 9:54pm

Thanks Vicki, not sure I'll have to get out my depression glass books. I think I really need to start selling off some of my stuff too, just have to find what I want to keep. Of course the oldest pieces will definitely stay.  I'll have to study what some of the items are going for on eBay or maybe check locally to see if I can find someone to put in their booth for me for a percentage. Don't know if it works like that or not.

Comment by Chris Pollock on January 20, 2015 at 9:48pm

Here's a piece that was marked as 'cut glass'.

Photo of bottom, cuts are very deep

I'm pretty sure this is American Brilliant, it's an ash tray that I found. I believe I have an AB Nappy with the same pattern

And lastly

Comment by vicki hufstetler on January 20, 2015 at 9:33pm

Ohh, Super nice finds Chris! You two did very well! I love the "coin" pattern to. I used to have a small collection, but you know my rule. :( I found something else I wanted more, so sold they went!

That compote is lovely too! Looks a bit like "Swirl and Fan"? or similar. And I love the tidbit tray also! I knew Judy would find a good piece of DG! Is it Sharon, Mayfair? Ugg - I'm getting rusty on my pattern ID. Once I get all this stuff cleaned, I need to restudy my books ( for the 500th time) hehe!

Kathy - I do love your newest Head vase - she is really unusual. I've never collected them, just sold for my clients. On the Swanky's - check federal Glass and or McKee - possibly Jeanette as well. They all made lots of the "cocktail, water" and other sets. Let us know, if you find out! And if your Swirls are of good quality, I would certainly look under Modern, or Modernist Italian Art glass "tumblers, rock glasses" and similar. Hope it turns out they are by a really good designer! :)

Comment by Chris Pollock on January 20, 2015 at 9:13pm

Didn't want to take a chance of too many characters in the last post.  A pair of Heisey creamer and sugar,  have the diamond with the 'H' in the center

Large Compote

The five glasses above are all marked 'Near Cut' on the inside bottom. I didn't have my camera set to 'macro' so the close-ups I too didn't come out, will take them again and post. The pitcher below according to the display said it was part of this set but after looking at it we don't think the patterns are the same.

Comment by Chris Pollock on January 20, 2015 at 9:03pm

Thanks Vicki, I've got a few other of the 'States' items I believe somewhere I will have to look for them. Unfortunately I don't think Kyle can help unless he runs the same Linux distribution but I believe he probably runs windows.  Well, we did make our trip today and here are some photos. The first is the handled sandwich plate she had been looking for. She has two already a small one and one about the same size as this one but she really had been looking for this design. This one has a tiny flaw that is actually in the glass, I checked it's not a chip as I can't feel anything on the top or bottom. Must have been something in the glass or on the mold when it was poured.

Next is a Fostoria 'Coin' vase, I have a Nappy in this pattern also

Comment by kathy Curnutte on January 20, 2015 at 10:10am

Thank you Vicki,

I'm pretty sure the difference between Fostoia Amerian and AH cube is that the edges are pointed.

The head vase does not have jewelry and never did, there were two version f the same vase, one with and one without. 

The Tiara plates are miniatures not a tray.

Do you have a clue who made the Swanky Swigs?

The closest I can find for the swirl glasses is Amici.

They are very thick glass and the swirl is within the glass.

Happy Hunting!

Comment by vicki hufstetler on January 19, 2015 at 10:20pm
Wow, Awesome finds people!

Chris I love the bulls eye tankard! I've got a similar patterned, squared bottom of a jar - tall, like an apothecary, if you follow me? I've got no lid though, but it's to awesome to part with! ( I have a few of these pieces that are "missing parts" here or there) Oh and the EAPG States patterns are so cool to! I love them! I only have one, and it's got a big ole interior crack in it. Yours look darn near perfect! Super nice finds! Those and one's like them are EXACTLY what you should be hunting for! and that Flint one, is so pretty!

I'm so sorry to hear about your pics though. :( so frustrating! Did you ask Kyle about it? He sure is a wiz with that Computer stuff, maybe he could help ya retrieve them somehow?
and I'm so happy to hear you and misses have a little "hunting trip" coming up! Tell her, I said "YES" to any colored depression glass she finds and likes! HEHE! She has got one "helluva" good eye for quality DG! If the price is right, you can't go wrong! :)

Kathy, My Gosh! You made a Killing Gurl! LOL I think you deserve a good rest after all that struggle, but SO Worth it! The Hazel Atlas is Amazing and so is that head vase - OMG!, those colors have Got to be RARE? - does she have jewelry too? Pearls and such?

The Fostoria, I'm pretty sure is in the "American" pattern. Just be careful though, cuz Hocking made a very similar pattern called "Cube" or "cubist"? and it's real easy to mix the two up! I love the swanky swings to! Those old glasses are really making a come back! Especially the "MCM" ( Mid-Century Modern) cocktail glasses! I can't believe some of the prices I've seen them for lately. It makes me happy though, that young people are Finally taking an interest in at least SOME of our Cool, American Vintage stuff!

Oh, and are you sure your "Last Supper" tray is "Tiara"? I ask because I've had the original EAPG one's in color. There used to be quite a difference price wise between the two, but I'm not sure that's the case today?

Now,last but not least, your cool cased glass cocktail glasses? They appear to be "cased" glass, but I'm not sure at all on age. I'm leaning more toward modern, in the last 5-10 years? Only because I'm not sure of the quality and thickness of the white casement - is it true cased, or kinda sprayed on type? They are really cool, regardless, and if fully cased I would say for certain Italian art glass, but still might be newer production? I wish Laura was still around, she is so good at Venetian/Italian and Murano Glassware. I'm not that knowledgeable on their stuff, mostly because it doesn't sell well here in MI. We have ton's of it, due to our large Italian Community in the Detroit area.

Really Good Stuff you both found - Super nice finds! You've got me itching to get out an hunt a bit LOL! But, I refuse to buy anything new until I get all "my stuff" cleaned and downsized!

I watched a few episodes of "Hoarders" and it motivates me every time! :) Cheers Glass Hounds!
Comment by Chris Pollock on January 19, 2015 at 9:15pm

Those are nice Kathy, the swirl glasses are very unusual to say the least.

Comment by kathy Curnutte on January 19, 2015 at 8:51pm

Wanted to share my haul from a GW opening in St Louis.

Hazel Atlas Fruit Bowl and serving dishes



1959 Napco head vase


1940 Ucagco Planter


A set of 8 Old Time Music Swanky Swigs Mugs




Tiara Glass Last Supper Plates


Fostoria berry bowls


And the last which I can't seem to identify or I just don't know what to name, these unusual amber swirl glasses




I'm exhausted!


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