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GLASS HOUND HEAVEN: Antique and Collectible Glassware


GLASS HOUND HEAVEN: Antique and Collectible Glassware

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Excellent links to help you identify your glass

http://www.glasstrinketsets.com/cms15/ - Glass Trinket boxes and vanity sets.

http://www.spglass.com/ - One of the very best sites for identifying American Depression glass!

http://www.20thcenturyglass.com/glass_encyclopedia/artdeco_glass/stolzle_glass/stolzleglass_home.htm   A very fine website for identifying art deco era and earlier Bohemia/Czech art glass, including Stolzle and many other artists!

http://www.glass.cz/list/skup.asp?co=113&lang=en&level=3 - A list of Czeh/Bohemia art glass makers. Many will respond to direct questions regarding your items.

http://www.patternglass.com/eapgHome.htm - One of the best sites I've ever seen for EAPG (early American pattern glass) If your on the hunt, start here first!

http://chataboutdg.com/gallery/search.htm - This is a fantastic site to determine who did the etchings on your prized glassware, and may help identify American Antique glass as well!

http://www.glas-musterbuch.de/ - This link is written in German, if you use Goggle it is easy to translate to English. It contain's catelogs from major glass houses in Europe and can be very helpful!

http://www.pressglas-pavillon.de/ - This is a sister site to the above, and also must be translated. It has wonderful info on pressed glass pieces from many Countries.

http://www.black-poppy.co.uk/ - This link is particularly helpful when researching Art Deco styled glassware.

http://www.20thcenturyglass.com/glass_encyclopedia_home.htm - This is one of my favorite websites to research all glass made in the late 19th century going right on through into the 20th century.

http://www.glassmessages.com/ - This is a glass message board, where you can post your questions or concerns on particular pieces.

http://glassgallery.yobunny.org.uk/ - This is also a sister site to the one above. It is especially nice for finding glass markings, and it also has a section on "fake" glass markings.

http://www.great-glass.co.uk/shops/shop5-1.htm - Another excellent site with glass of many era's! American, European and some Czech and other examples as well.

http://www.ddoty.com/index.html - A very excellent reference for identifying Antique Carnival Glass.

http://carnivalglass101.carnivalheaven.com/ - another excellent site for identifying Carnival Glass!

http://www.boydglass.net/ - American Glassware, mainly covered animal dishes and novelty pieces. In business since 1978 ( I think) :)

http://www.glas-musterbuch.de/DDR-Gebrauchswarenkatalog-1957.207.0.html - 1957 German Crystal catalog - very helpful for identifying German crystal glass ware.

http://chataboutdg.com/gallery/cat167.htm - Excellent website for identifying etched depression era glass ware.

http://www.virtualattic.com/those_confusing_woodland_scenes.htm - Excellent article on Depression Glass Woodland etchings. It clears up lots of confusion on those specific etched patterns.

http://threadsinthenest.blogspot.com/2012/08/wheeling-decorating-company.html - This blog shows some examples of the Wheeling Decorating Co. That was in business until 1963! They primarily did glass and china etchings, and often we find these on Elegant depression glass pieces, and cannot identify the etching. This should be very helpful!

http://indianaglass.carnivalheaven.com/default.htm - All things Indiana Glass, AKA Hoosier glass pieces! From antique to contemporary, including glass catalog pages!

http://www.natcapheisey.org/Resources.html - A fine listing of all Heisey glass patterns, along with some etchings as well.


A very fine website with references to English made glassware including Sowerby and many others.

http://www.sha.org/bottle/index.htm - This site will help you discover the makers of antique bottles, very helpful including shapes, makers etc.

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Comment Wall


You need to be a member of GLASS HOUND HEAVEN: Antique and Collectible Glassware to add comments!

Comment by kathy park on June 3, 2014 at 9:00am

oh i dont see it like that - he cant spend the last of his years in a cage/kennel - these are his golden years - he deserves love and family -

Comment by Chris Pollock on June 3, 2014 at 8:45am

Thanks for the info on the flower frogs Vicki, I'll make note of that. Well, we're off to Galveston in awhile so I'll 'see' you all again on Friday sometime. Hopefully I won't go overboard but I have to 'scratch the itch' and it's been awhile since I've been shopping.

Comment by Betty Proper on June 3, 2014 at 8:35am

Oh, Kathy, thank you for taking Bongo home!  Folks seem to prefer the younger animals.  We brought my 14 year old cat home 2 years ago.  We now have 3 cats (2,14,16).  The oldest one is black and apparently many folks will not adopt black cats either.

Comment by kathy park on June 3, 2014 at 8:17am

thanks Mary and hello Veronica as well

Comment by kathy park on June 3, 2014 at 8:06am

no ....... not glass but a weekend find - old bongo from the shelter - been there for years and chance of getting a home as he is very old - well now he has one

Comment by kathy park on June 3, 2014 at 8:04am

ok my limited SA glass finds :)

tiny glass elephant


millefiori ? i think, i always wanted one was on my wish list.

glassbake USA  - aany idea of age (1940 is i thought by handle shapes - and do i clean it its filthy)

Comment by Donna Cook on June 2, 2014 at 10:44pm

Welcome Veronica!    Hello glass hounds.

Comment by Shirley Grundman on June 2, 2014 at 10:38pm

Welcome to our group, Veronica.  Yes, would love to see a picture of your Westmoreland Crucifix.  I found one the other day too.  It's really nice looking and then after I had it home and was washing the dirt off of it I notice a chip on the side.  I am so sad.  Here is mine.  Mine will end up in my garden.

Comment by vicki hufstetler on June 2, 2014 at 10:04pm

Everyone Please Welcome Veronica to our Glass Hound Group! She just found a Fabulous "Crucifix" Candlestick in milk, by Westmoreland in her local Charity shop!

Do share photo's when you can! I'm happy your here! :)

Comment by vicki hufstetler on June 2, 2014 at 9:45pm

Lol Donna! :)  and,  WTG Angela! Turns out her Floral by Jeanette is a rare find, per Ms. Mauzey - and she is the best on the Dep. Glass! After writing so many books on the subject, I can't imagine to many others have that knowledge base!

I'd still like to be sure of that shape though. It seems odd for a "footed vase" It looks far more like an "Ivy Ball Vase" imho, of course. No accounting for what certain companies call certain items I guess?

And WTG Kathy! You did indeed find a treasure trove! Wow, for a fairly new collector you are doing fabulous!

Chris - Check those flower frogs out before ever purchasing - there are many repro's out there. So remember- If you don't see wear ( small scratches, straw marks, Tiny nicks and chips etc) it's probably a  repro! Just a word to the wise!

And, as always Shirley - You are the master of super finds! Love the frogs! so cute!

BTW - I "cancelled" a sale that was far away - over an hour, and with traffic - a nightmare - ugg! ( many items that were supposed to be included were no longer, so Goodbye from me!) And we moved onto the next one - only 10 minutes from home - YEAH!

This condo is not "packed" but boy do they have beautiful, gorgeous things! ( and its CLEAN - thank you Lord) In fact I think we have at least one French BEBE Fashion doll, ca. 1860 - 1890. She is gorgeous! I will share some pics soon!


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