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I'd been noticing this bowl around the shop for a few days.  It kept appearing in different places.  The color and shape got to me and I fell of the wagon.  I get wagon sick, anyway.

Swirl, spin, twist, twirl, spiral.  Boxed star, square star, south western star.  Not sure the use, of course.  6-1/4" diameter.  Four seams.

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14 is the number of patterns I found that are -Tiara.  I can assume ones with names like 'Lord's Supper' and 'Diamond Pont Black' are not the ones.  Googling the others are no Bueno.

I was already a member of Glass Message Board.  I remember last time I was on there, I had no luck with posting.  Posting pictures, specifically.

Hmm. This one is a real puzzle! I'm still thinking it might be European in origin. The "Crystal" and the unusual star, just don't seem to be USA. Also none of my friends recognized it either - and THAT is unusual. One said possibly Mikassa. So that might be a new lead for you?

And yes, you are safe in your assumptions. The "Lords Supper" is a large bread plate, and "Diamond Point" is a sort of diamond shaped beaded design, very common in DG.

Sorry I couldn't be more help...

Oh no.  Don't be sorry!  You've given me loads of help.  Mystery pieces lead to other pieces, and so on.  I've found maybe five other patterns to pieces that I'd put on the back burner for a rainy day.

I'm piling up more mystery pieces than I should.  Makes me unique.

I am guilty of same! I just had a "headache" of a piece yesterday! I'll try to remember to take a shot of it, but basically a blown glass, double napkin holder. ( I know, right?) LOL

Turned out to be "BALOS" which I am still unclear as to exactly who or what that is, but I did find out it's somehow related to "Lost Art and Salon" in San Francisco.  Whom have most of their "Art Glass for Sale" listed incorrectly!

Seems they need a decent curator for their "art glass" makes me wonder what else they have misidentified?? ( kinda old saying "if it's on the internet, it must be true" applies here). :) 

Even my newbieism has shown me incorrect listings.  Overpriced suckers, too.  An Open Lace amber covered candy dish was $112 in one place and $2.99 auction in another.

I keep appreciating your help, Vicki.  Thanks.

Back to Bluey.  A little new and recapping.

So I found another piece by Imperial with that same 'basic section' I mentioned earlier.  It's the 'Open Rose 3 Footed Open...'  If it was a woman, I would call the profile 'curvaceous with big feet'.  But it's the section cut I'm talking about. 

The original mold must be from Imperial.  I have three pattern examples of the section from Imperial.  Without putting hands on a Kings Crown or Open Rose piece, I can't get much further.  I can't compare the quality of glass to any of the other patterns, later purchased by Indiana, including: Imperial, Federal, Fenton, an Fostoria.  Tiara wasn't a manufacturer.  It was a warehousing company.  Middle man sort of thing. 

Success by Friday and I'm going to have to go with an 'Imperial Mystery' listing.  Or some such.


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