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I'd been noticing this bowl around the shop for a few days.  It kept appearing in different places.  The color and shape got to me and I fell of the wagon.  I get wagon sick, anyway.

Swirl, spin, twist, twirl, spiral.  Boxed star, square star, south western star.  Not sure the use, of course.  6-1/4" diameter.  Four seams.

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Hmmm, Probably too big to be a candle votive right?

The color tells me it's most likely modern. Is it crystal? Blown or pressed? How tall?

I think something in this color was posted recently, and it was discovered to be either "Tiara" Which was a home party plan for glassware in the 70's. ( Made by Indiana glass, I think). Or a modern French maker "Arcoroc" or something similar. 

Hope that helps a bit

Depends on the votiveness of your candle, I suppose.

3-3/4" tall.  Four seam marks on the bottom as well as where the pattern doubles back on itself.  No 'France' or 'Arcoroc' on the bottom.

There are one or two minor variations in a few of the teeth of the edges.  Two empty air bubbles and one that looks like it got dirty inside.  I don't believe it to be crystal, but am no expert.  It has a decent 'ting' but... I just can't tell.  The glass seems super clear.  More than it should be.  Yet under the bottom is a bit of a texture.

Everything helps.

Ok, So it is a wide, shallow dish, with scalloped sides, which I think would be a candy dish. It's just to wide for a votive. Most of those are less than 3" dia. 

If you have a good "Ting" it is most likely crystal, and that also explains the nice clarity of the glass. "Tiara" Glass is not the best of quality, but not the worst either. It is generally nicer than common "Indiana" stuff. So that is still a possibility.

If you strike out there, I'd still look to more modern French or Czech/Bohemia (Germany Poland etc). companies. Both of whom have very nice quality, and again that color, which is probably your best clue!

Two things.  The quality of the glass on the bottom, texturewise, is not in the same league as the walls.  And the star on the bottom doesn't seem to mesh with the twist of the walls, patternwise.

I searched tiara glass and found a color that is veeeery similar.  We may be on to something.

I'm happy to hear that! I thought I'd seen it before! 

My guess on the base vs the sides is this: It was probably made from an old EAPG era mold. This is a common thing that happened often with our US made glass. It would make sense in an everyday item, like a candy dish, to have the base made better, heavier, so that it remains more stable.

And, of course to keep costs low, they would have skimped a bit on the sides!


There are variations in color of (bicentennial)blue Tiara.  I found Kings Crown, from Indiana, with the same basic profile as mine.  Unfortunately, I don't see any with the star.  I've been through every variation of spiral or twist I can think of.  Identifying the type of star is the next step, me thinks.

Hmm, Do you have a photo of just the base? I'm looking at the pics above and it looks like the inside view, is that right?

I'm just wondering if it is an old Indiana, or another company's mold that was used for this piece. Might be difficult, but we can give it a try!

I'm always happy to work with professionals!

The shot of the 'star' is looking down into it.  There are no makers marks on the piece.

I took several jabs using variations of: Indiana, Tiara, Bicentennial Blue, swirl, twist, spiral.  Using lots of my adjectives.

Here are two more of the base.  I'm not sure they help, but if the boss asks for something, I do. 

Ok, I'm hunting around a bit, and so far, I'm not finding this shape made in the Tiara lines. Doesn't mean they didn't make it, not yet anyway. Here is a paragraph out of an article on "Tiara Exclusives History and Beginnings"

"Tiara bought most of their product from Indiana Glass, who in turn bought molds from a variety of glass companies, such as Imperial, Federal, Fenton and Fostoria. Tiara warehoused, sold and shipped glass, but they did not manufacture glass".

This may be helpful, because it tells us the other possible molds used and by which companies. That should be a BIG Help! ( fingers crossed).

Also, I'm going to copy your pics and send them to a few friends of mine that are experts, and maybe have a clue as to your "mystery item" :)

Ok, I also found this, It might rule out Tiara for us, but I'm not willing to just yet!

Molds Used for Tiara Reproductions
Federal Glass
Colonial Box and Cover
Pie Wagon Mold and cover
Sandwich Candy Box
Mt. Rushmore Plate
Milady Vase
Sandwich Covered Butter
Star Spangled Banner Plate
Hapburg Footed Chalice and cover
Bouquet Mini Basket
Windsor Crown Chalice
Impressions Three Toed Bowl
Coronation Lamp and Vase
Victoria Vase
Dove Candy Box and Cover
Eve Candy Box and Cover
Suzanne Bell
Water Bottles

Here's a picture of a Tiara Kings Crown Bicentennial/Imperial blue.  What I mean by the same profile is the foot to the curves of the bowl to the rim.  Understand a little better?  The pattern shown is Kings Crown.  More below...

The image you sent in your last post is the left half of the screen capture(?).  Black background.

I understand the difference between Tiara and Indiana, now.  Thanks for that.  A search for Tiara Glass Kings Crown offers the same images as Imperial Glass Kings Crown, shown above.  Of course, different pattern.  KC also has a smoothe rim while the mystery item (Let's call it Bluey.  It's easier to find something if you know what to call it.) is scalloped.

If Indiana did, in fact, produce Bluey, then one of the companies Indiana bought molds from probably has the twisties or the star in it's pantheon.  One company for each pattern or one company each.  The star on the bottom is very similar to a southwestern sun symbol.  On to search that among your companies.

If you have real pros, who can I talk with about my mustard pot?  At this point, it's just a mustard pot.  Not the Holy Mustard Pot.  Or bird hood ornament.  Networking, I like it.

Sorry, My pic didn't turn out. Here is the link:

There is an email listed here also, you may just want to send a few pics and ask if they recognize your piece?

I've sent the pics to 3 friends of mine, but haven't heard back. They are probably busy. There is another place that has lots of knowledgeable people, which is called "Glass Message board". They sorta favor European glass, I think. But I have had some luck there in the past. I'm pretty sure your Mustard pot is either Czech or English, so that might be the perfect place to try. If I'm remembering correctly, you can do a basic search there, to see if there is already a discussion on any subject. 

Here is the link:


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