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   Found this set on my wanderings last month. It consists of a covered butter dish, an open creamer, a covered sugar bowl and a “spooner” (spoon holder). The butter dish measures 7 ¼” across, and the dome is approximately 4 ¼”H. The creamer and the spoon holder are both 4”H and 3”W. The covered sugar bowl is 6”H (with lid) and 4”W. There is a chip on the handle of the covered sugar bowl that measures 1/8” x 1/16”. All pieces have gold gilding and ruby stain (both of which shows wear and some loss), with a stylized floral pattern on stippled clear glass. All pieces have a starburst pattern molded into the bottom. The leaf handles on the butter dish lid and the sugar lid are raised about 5/8” and the leaves on the sides of the pieces are raised approximately 1/4”.  Cost for the set was under $10. Bought it because it intrigued me. Any ideas as to maker or pattern, or value (if any?) Thanks in advance, and sorry for the glare from the flash!

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Hi Mary, What a pretty set! Here's what I think you have: EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass) Cold painted, sometimes called "Goofus Glass". Though most "Goofus" and Actually most EAPG era stuff  (1860 ish to 1920's) would both show much more wear, chips to paint etc. That has me a bit concerned.

BUT, it's entirely possible that someone did take excellent care of it for years to, so I don't want to say it's a more modern set. ( Indiana Glass and I think Imperial Glass too, did some reissues of the old cold painted glass, in the 1960's and 70's.

So, that leaves us three options: It's an old, original set, in very fine condition. or 2. It's a more modern set, reissued by one of the American company's that did purchase many, many molds from others. and there is always a third option: 3. Its a new "fantasy set" which are made in China, Japan, Poland and other places. This would be a "sorta" copy of our old glass, but not a perfect repro.

How to find out? Try to ID the pattern first. It's in exceptional condition and is unique, so that shouldn't be terribly hard. ( If it's original).  If you go to the upper left side of our Group page, scroll down till you see some links for EAPG, ID. Off hand I'll leave you a few of my favorites as well. 

This is the EAPG society page: http://www.eapgs.org/shared-glass-knowledge/pattern-id-service

They may be able to help with ID, but they may also charge for a service fee.

This is one of my favorite sites for EAPG. It's very informative and fun as well! Oh, and completely free! You'll have to spend a bit of time trying to find your set though. http://www.patternglass.com/EAPGPatternID.htm

If your unable to find a match, then we are left with the option that they might be a "Fantasy or Repro" set. I'm hoping it's an original. Keep us posted! :) 

Thank you SO much for the information! It's much appreciated!

Your very welcome Mary!


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