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From the top, this looks like a glass mushroom...from the bottom, it reminds me of an insulator. What do you think? It is large, around 12" in diameter.

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Ah, yes, Vicki, I had forgotten that you had already mentioned this idea. I am not sure that I have ever actually seen such a bottle, but I know that very large copies of objects do get made for display purposes. :-)

If you examine the base of the mushroom, you will see that it seems to be some sort of black adhesive that is a little rough to the touch.  It definitely was on top of something else.  Really want to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Linda, Earlier I thought that you meant that the adhesive was attached to the "side" of the base, in other words, this object would have fit "into" something.  Your recent post suggests that the adhesive is "on" the base, in other words, that it was attached to something. Which?

It is like a ring aroung the base of the mushroom....not on the bottom. The bottom is absolutely flat and smooth.

Hmmm, Does it appear to be permanent? I wonder if the type of adhesive might lead somewhere?

I think it's to big and heavy to be a part of a lamp right? It's just so odd! Mystery is right! We can keep on trying though. I always say I love a good mystery, but a solved one is better! :)

Well, hopefully, one of us will someday solve this mystery, :)


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