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From the top, this looks like a glass mushroom...from the bottom, it reminds me of an insulator. What do you think? It is large, around 12" in diameter.

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Top view

Is there an opening on the bottom?

i just double checked the bottom. It is flat. There is a band of adhesive? around the bottom. I realize that insulators are supposed to have an opening on the bottom.

Hmmm, That is an odd one Linda - LOL! Can't say I've ever seen your UGO before! :)

It is certainly NOT an insulator of any type I've ever seen! Maybe from Mars? At first I thought it was a stopper - like for a decanter, and that still might be right.

I know, it's ENORMOUS for a stopper right? But, Could it be missing something? like a base? I'm thinking about those really huge, and REALLY expensive large bottles for perfume and some Champagnes and Wines to, Magnums or something, I think is what they are called. Mainly for promotional purposes, but some can be Extremely valuable too!

It's just a thought though, sorry I couldn't be much help. Chris - Any ideas?

I was thinking if it had a hole in the bottom it may have been some kind of lamp shade for a small lamp. If there's a band of adhesive around the bottom maybe there was something else glued to it which fit over a lamp. If you hold it up to a lamp Linda can you see through it? That's pretty large, for any kind of a stopper Vicki, 12" or so in diameter.

Well, no, you can't see through it. And to make it more interesting, I have 2 of them. The person who I purchased it from said they were just sitting on a shelf for display...a mushroom display. But they had to have some function because of the adhesive-like substance.
Vicky, they are too big to be for a giant factice. By the way, i also have a christian Dior giant factice sitting in one of my bins, lol.

I don't know, I went through hundreds of google images with different parameters such as '12" mushroom shaped glass object' and saw nothing.

You and me both. I keep hoping someone will recognize its function.

Oh Sorry Linda, I missed your post here. I'm still thinking it might be for some type of Very large bottle though?

Oh, and please do show us your "Christian Dior" - I love those!

Might it have been a stopper on some sort of very large bottle in a store/window display?

That was my thought to Betty! See my "guess" above, lol. It clearly is missing something?

And it appears to "fit into" another part. I'll post a pic of one of the bottles you and I are thinking of, as Chris and Linda may not have seen one before?

This one has a 12" width - also note the BIG price! LOL



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