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These pieces of crystal are 4-1/4" tall, are 2" at the mouth, and hold a few drops less than one ounce.  The stem is hexagonal.  I've used the dimensions and shot/sherry/cordial/aperitif for parameters as well as Rosenthal, Fostoria, Bohemian, and a few other notables for no bueno. 

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Oh Dear! Stemware is one of the BIGGEST headaches to ID! Though, if they are leaded crystal, (they certainly look to be) sometimes it's very worth it to find out!

Here is a couple ideas for you: First Try Mikasa (Japan) They were one of the most prolific makers for stemware in the modern era. Also: Lenox, (USA) and several, Modern French makers might be also be your best bet to try and ID. may help, but it is a TEDIOUS process. I'd start above and hope for the best! There are a few decent guide books out there for stemware, the one by Harry Rinker and the one sold by Replacements LTD by Bob Page and Dale Frederiksen are my favs. If you would like to get into selling stems, I'd highly recommend those two books!

I spent a little bit on Mikasa, earlier.  No burrito.

The measurements of the smallest cordials I have paid attention to have been larger in dimension.  That should be a good clue.  Hexagonal stem.  Cut bead stem. 

The journey is part of the reward, identification wise.  Onward...


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