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Hi there,

I have two pieces of glass I am trying to identify, fully.  I believe the blue piece to be Three Panel Thousand Eye.  The clear piece, I am not sure.

I see two elements of the designs that are similar.  One is the 'zippered/sawtooth'? pattern between panels.  The second is the magnifying glass effect by the panels between the Z/ST vertical lines.

Any help?


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Hi Scott, Welcome to Glass Hounds!

I'm afraid I don't think your little sherbet dish is "Three Panel, Thousand Eye" which was made by Richards and Hartley. Here is a link to show you how this pattern should be:


In comparison, I just don't think they are the same. I hate to say it, but also the way in which your little dish is made looks very crude to me, indicating that it may very well be an Asian import, ie Reproduction. I can't be sure of course with just two pics. 

If you would like to, please take more pics, including the base, edges and seams if possible. Also, there is a much easier way to post pics here where it will appear on the page, making it much easier for us to ID for you. If you click on the blue box above, you can just browse your photos and post right here on the page!

Do feel free to share any/all of your glass with us! We love to look, and help if we can! Best Wishes, Vicki :)

Hi there, Vicki.

I'm going to laugh if this turns out to be an import.  Is it 'Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.'?  Me and Asia... we're going to have a talk about this.

Your image is the piece that is the ubiquitous image when I search for 'Thousand Eye.'  When I pop open the Florence's 'Elegant Glass of the Depression Era - Eleventh Edition' book, I get an entirely different pattern by Westmoreland.  Obviously, not mine.

Here are the pictures.  Any other ideas?

When all is said and done, I'm going to keep it as my personal trophy of the hunt.  Can I get a thousand eyes stuffed for my mantle?

Thanks, Vicki.


Okey Dokey! You have forced me to check into one of my EAPG books - LOL

Firstly, Florence's book covers Depression era glass, which is of course, an entirely different animal than EAPG. Now, to further confuse things ( which glass most always does) EAPG (original stuff) was mostly made from 1850 to 1910. 

Under the pattern name of "Thousand Eye" again by Richards and Hartley - this pattern has no design inside of the "eyes". Under known shapes in this pattern we have only one possibility for a matching shape which is the "Compote, round, open, low, footed" which should only be 8"diameter. No other similar shapes were made in this pattern.

So that helps us a bit. What size is your piece?

So we can safely eliminate "Thousand Eye" from our mystery. Now I'm looking at "Three panel" also made by Richards and Hartley. Number 25, AKA Button and buckle, Paneled thousand eye, Thousand eye three panel. ( I warned ya, it may get worse) 

In this pattern we have real possibility, especially because I see noted here, as of when this book was printed anyways (2002). We had no know reproductions in this pattern. ( yeah, I hope).  Now onto shapes. Lots of possibilities here too!

Bowl, open, round on low foot with deep bowl: 8 1/2 d. 9 1/2 d. and 10 d. We also have with flared rim; 8" d. With scalloped rim; 7"d. 8"d. 

So, I guess we need to know the size of yours? If it matches one of the above, I'm pretty sure we have your match! :) 

I'm looking for a link to a much better site to share with you on EAPG glass as well. but just so you know. On the main group page, top left we have dozens and dozens of wonderful links to help you ID all sorts of glass. I've also put a few notes on each one so you can narrow down which you may want depending on which type of glass your searching for. I'll post this other one if I can find it!

I'm going to be blunt.  I'm a guy and don't ask for help until ALL the teeth fall out.  There's all kinds of psychological mumbo jumbo I could quote.  Not the place.

The dimensions of this are 3-3/4"  upper diameter by 2-1/4" tall.  Nothing near the dimensions you noted.  This obviously mean's it's super rare.  I've bookmarked the site you sent for this and other searches.  Everything in this next relisting is going in quotes until I can figure it out.

Hmmmm, all psychological mumbo jumbo aside, I guess it really is the size of a sherbet dish then! Ok might it be 4" in d.? And in glass, especially older stuff, it's not uncommon for sizes to not be exact. So I think we have one shape that may be a match. 

"Sauce Dish - round, footed, 4"d." So that becomes the only possibility if this is an original. My Glass Hounds Motto: I love a good mystery, but a solved one is better! VH.

You would like Geocaching.

The diameter is closer to 3-5/8" and the height is closer to 2-3/8".  Using my 'guy' card again, I never knew there was a mayonnaise bowl much less a mayonnaise bowl saucer.  If you tell me there is a sauce dish, I'll take your word for it.

Looking through more of the Florence's information in the Seventeenth Edition - Depression Glass, there are images of new and reproductions.  The big differences look like the clarity of the pressing.  My piece looks as clear as the one in the image you sent.

There are also all the hallmarks of pressed/molded glass with the bubbles and factory folds.  Again, me and Asia...

Yes, I would like Geocaching, if I could do it via boat! :P

and yes of course we have "mayo dishes and saucers" proper name for saucer is a "liner" LOL. And these were still used regularly up into the early 1980's!

A "sauce" dish was more, well useful. It could contain tarter for fish, or shrimp sauce, Ketchup or Mustard and the possibilities are endless. Even today - a dash of salsa in a pretty dish make a party nicer!

And I'll also agree, that after I saw your much better pics - thank you. I believe it to be original as well!

A slightly undersized sauce dish it is! Congrats and a nice find!

Sweet.  My benefactor/neighbor/mentor thinks I'm nuts from the time I've spent researching.  He's been doing this for 30 years and has half as many years worth of 'finds' put away.  So many I wouldn't have given half a glance at until now.

I'm laughing a bit at telling him I'm not selling it.  Same as the plate I've been researching.  Another that may or may not be something special.

I'll bet you a nickel you can walk less than an eighth of a mile and find a Geocache (I hope you're docked.)  Were I not prone to shock-and-awe style sea sickness, I would be jealous of the places you can 'cache with a boat. 

Our oldest Granddaughter does that Geocaching, and I thought it would be fun to do on our Cruisers boat. We are in MI, and use Lake St. Clair, which is rich in land areas in and around the whole lake!

I just thought it would be much more fun that way! What kind of plate do you have? Is it glass as well? And do you plan on raiding the neighbor of more lovely glass? Share pics if you do please!

Geocaches are underwater, above water, and one on the International Space Station.


This is the link to another thread I started about the plate.  What you read is what I know.  Neighbor has given me everything he has on hand.  I'm nudging him along, trying to get us over to his sister's place where the next lot resides.

I see! Sounds like fun! On your plate. Are you certain you have no markings?

Look super closely in good lighting. Roll the plate around with natural light (if possible and look at the edges). It reminds me of Similar examples of Both Val. St. Lambert and dishes done by Baccarat. ( Both are Modern). Is it crystal?

The other possibility is that its from the Czech/Bohemia region, all of these suggestions depend on weather the plate is crystal??


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