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I bought these glasses at a flea market this weekend and need help identifing them. The first has a etched flower in it that appears to be some type of vine with a flower on the end of it. I was told it maybe fostoria but I checked my book and seen nothing like it. The second is a amber wine glass with a gold band which has flowers and vines in it also. I did not see this one in my books either. The lady that sold them to me said she remembers them being in her mothers cabinet from the time she was a little girl, and she felt they maybe from the depression era. I haven't found either one in any of my books I checked glass of the depression era but no luck there either. Help me please if you can they are giving me a head ache. I place a black rag in the etched glass to try and give some back ground so you can see the etching. Thanks again for help on these.

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Hi Frank!

You have a Tiffin Franciscan glass with the Princess etch, you can see more here: 

Tiffin/Franciscan Princess Etch



Thats it, Thank you so much. I looked all most everywere and could not find it. I was told it was cambridge then fostoria but I looked in all the books I could find and had no luck. Thanks again Caroline. 

Your welcome Frank, glad I could help!


Here is some more Tiffin; is crystal, not amber, but same pattern I think.



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