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Thanks Vicki for the invitation to Glass Hound Heaven!  I am hoping someone might be able help me identify some bar glasses.  There are eight in all.  Each has a number, and there is a gentleman with tuxedo and top hat inside each number.  There is also a painted red rim on each glass.  The glasses are about 5" tall, 2-3/4" across the top, and 2" across the bottom.  There is a slight variation in height in some of the glasses, as you can see in my photo below.  The glasses have concentric "rings" which create a "waviness" in the glass.  The number 2 glass has a bubble near the rim.  These imperfections makes me think they might be quite old, or perhaps they were made with poor workmanship.  I posted my glasses in "Whadja Find Today", and Vicki Hufstetler suggested Libbey or a WV glass company as the maker.  I have found red-rimmed bar glasses, and most were made by Libbey.  I did find a couple that were made by Dunbar Glass of Dunbar, WV in 1932.  They were decorated by artist John Held, Jr.  They were sold on ebay, and the item numbers are 172180353494 and 172217411539.  Coincidentally, I found my glasses in an antique shop in WV a few years ago.  Thanks in advance for any information or advice!

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