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I found this beauty on my weekly trip to town. Price was right at $3. Took it home and washed it up. It's a weighty piece: 1.7 pounds.  Measures approximately 10" high and the top opening and the base are approximately 3 3/4" across. Heavily etched from top to bottom; the floral decoration reminds me of the trumpet vine. No clue as to age, but it has a nice "ring" to it when tapped. No tags and didn't find any marks or signatures.  Would appreciate any assistance as to identifying pattern, manufacturer, and age. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Mary, It appears to be a very lovely little bud vase, or made for small bouquet's. Unfortunately, I really can't make out details due to the photos being too dark and out of focus. It is a bit of a challenge to get good pictures of crystal - which I believe this to be.  However, the very first thing one needs is good lighting! Please, please, use a white background, (towel, sheet or whatever), Place in Natural light if possible. If not possible, PLEASE use very good indoor lighting - such as a bright kitchen, or use bright artificial lighting BRIGHT LIGHT, is whats needed. Also - ALWAYS show photo's of the base. 

It doesn't matter if a piece is marked or unmarked, the base tells us lots of important things that may help to ID your piece. This is also true of pottery. 

Now, all that being said, My best guess, based on these pics is likely Czech crystal. But I can't even guess at what age it might be. Sorry.

Here are some additional photos for your review. Thanks in advance!


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