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Purchased these yesterday, on the ticket it had Cambridge Flanders Silver Overlay. Is Flanders a pattern or what exactly?

Complete Set

Cake Plate Top

Cake Plate Side

Compote Top

Compote Side

Relish Dish Top

Creamer and Sugar Bowl

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The compote and candlesticks are from the keyhole mold.....don't have my book though for the etch. Definitely Cambridge

Thanks Laura, what book would I get for this? There are no candlesticks, just a cake plate, relish dish, compote and cream and sugar bowl. On the sales ticket it said 'Cambridge Flanders' is that the pattern


Hi Chris,  Welcome to Glass Hound Heaven!  What you have there are three completely different patterns of glass ware, with different makers - these do not match, as a set.

I to, think the cake stand is Cambridge, as Laura said. But it may be Fostoria or another company, because many shapes are similar. The pattern is not "Flanders" that pattern was made by Tiffin glass company. Yours looks similar to "Gloria" by Cambridge glass, but its not an exact match.

The cake stand is what we call "elegant depression glass" that is glassware of a much better quality than average depression era glass. Which is much more cheaply made.

When you ask if this is the "pattern" it can be confusing. Because some etching are associated with a specific "pattern" while others are based on the shape, with different etching placed on it. I suspect some of your other pieces are later - 1940's - 1960's especially the one's with the whitish backing on them. I think those were made by the Imperial glass company.

To solve your mystery, go to the top of our group page, and you will see a whole list of links. After each link, is a notation on what they contain. Find the one's that are for identifying "Elegant depression glass" and "Depression glass" and you will probably be able to find each one that you have.

It also wouldn't hurt to post your photo's in the main discussion area, so that everyone gets a good look at your pieces, some of our members may know them right off the bat. Hope this helps you a bit! Vicki

Thanks for the welcome Vicki. The cake plate and the compote both have the same shaped base, they all have the same silver overlay around the rim. The ones with the 'whitish' backing is actually the silver overlay taken with a flash. As far as the main discussion area you mean not in a separate discussion such as this one. I'll post there, if I'm wrong please let me know.


When I can back to my library  I can check...there were just so many anniversary patterns in the silver overlay.............Cambridge was better .....great shapes and all!

Thanks Laura, will be greatly appreciated. I think I quickly need to learn the ins and outs of glass if I'm going to be buying any more.

You have two pieces of Viking and three pieces of Duncan & Miller.  The cake plate and compote are Viking/New Martinsville.  New Martinsville sold our to Viking and some items were made under both companies but some were only made by Viking and some were only made by New Martinsville.  Both pieces are from the Princess line.  Reference is Dean Six’s book, Viking Glass 1944-1970, pages 119-124.  The 3-part relish and cream and sugar are Duncan & Miller #115 Canterbury pattern.  Example of this pattern should be easily found online.  We don't have any information on the silver overlay patterns. 


Thanks for the reply Thomas, looks like another book I need to buy. I've got six on glass on the way in already. We're going to have to start putting little labels on all our pieces until I can get my spreadsheet setup with photos and descriptions.


We just handle depression era and maybe a little before, up to the 70's (except Blenko) and we have about 125 books accumulated over the years.  If you haven't been there, check out dgchat online.  To post you must register; however, they have a large gallery that you can view and search without registering.  Check it out at:


You are likely to see all of these pieces there.


Thanks Thomas, I'll check it out in a bit. Appreciate the link


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