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Hi Katherina, I am 99.9% positive that this is NOT Fenton. I doubt it is even USA made glass. It appears to be "Art Glass" most likely from Italy. Those interior designs you see on the basket are done during the blowing of the piece. Not everyone has the skills for such things, and I've never seen a piece of Fenton with those in the glass.

I've also never seen the pressed in designs on the handle and the bowl of the basket - that to points to Italian art glass. But, of course it could be a Studio glass artist as well. Do you have any markings, labels or signatures?

awesome .. I was also thinking if not a Fenton a Murano piece .. they have they same kind of feet what do you think? They are slot known for embedding design in their glass 

Very Possible, but "Murano" is a catch all phrase for many different designers of many different era's. So, this type of glass is always very difficult to ID. Unless you find a similar or identical piece that does have a signature, or is "attributed" to a certain artist, it's nearly impossible to be sure.

Not the best news, I know, but it is a lovely basket! :) 

ty vicki

also not slot (my keyboard has a mind of its own sometimes 


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