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The glass is cased, top rim polished and has a clear applied base which is open like an upsidedown bowl!

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Hi Wendy, Very cool piece of glass you have there. I'm not at all sure what it's meant to be, but it resembles a hurricane type candle lantern. What I really can't figure out is the base?

Do you suppose it to be original to the piece? What is the size overall, and of the base/lantern shade type item? Are there any markings of any kind on the metal bit or the glass ( Look very carefully, glass marks are notoriously hard to see)!

It looks very much like Victorian era art glass. It could be US, or UK. It seems to have iridescence - is that what you see also? It reminds me of the old Opalescent glass made by Northwood, Fenton and others here in USA, and I think it was also made by Webb and others in the UK. 

Where are you located, and where did you find it? Sometimes that helps us learn more.

I am fairly sure the base is original, when viewed from the bottom/underneath it has what looks like controlled bubbles where the diamond pattern fuses to it. It's nearly 10" tall by 4" across. I can find no maker mark. There is no iridescence but it does have an grayish opalescence within the parts that divide the diamonds which are a more clear blue and puffed like pillows (that is how it's cased... a milky gray over a prussian blue). I've never seen any thing like it, I found it in an antique mall located in St. Jacobs Ontario Canada, it's Mennonite country. Thanks for your help! Wendy

Ahh, So the size is right for a hurricane lantern - so that is a good starting point. But, as to who made it, that gets more difficult. I'd still think it's got age. Appears that the "pillows" are actually mold blown - that helps a bit too. It is at least from the 1930's 40's at the latest would be my guess. But likely much older. 

Is the base metal or glass? Your thinking the glass itself is fused to the base then? If so, that is curious, and likely not US. And you found it in Ontario - My neighbors, LOL I'm in Detroit MI area. 

Canada has a lot of English antiques and collectibles - BUT, I would not rule out Italian art glass, or it may be a studio art glass maker. ( in which case, near impossible to ID without a signature).

The thing that is throwing me is that base! It almost looks kinda messy? Also - it was your interior shot that looks iridescent. Why not try to put a little tealight candle or small flashlight inside, and see what you get? 

Found a similar one that sold on ebay recently, the seller claimed it was Northwood, he has a book apparently!


Ahh, Northwood was my first guess! LOL Still, it's unlikely that this was factory made by Northwood. It was not uncommon for US glass company's to take on consignments: ie.. Another company wished to have these specific lanterns made, so Northwood made the glass, and they or yet another, 3rd manufacturer made the base/and or fused the two together. So that is likely what you've got. It's a good mystery, and very unusual, too! Fun Find!


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