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Look what I found!  For some reason, I just think this is really beautiful.  Wondering if it is really rare or worth money.  I figured I should ask the EXPERTS!  

Thank you

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Perfect! It's SOOOO Nice when a company gives us Markings that make sense!

BTW Gals - I' posted my mystery glass thingie on the main page of Glass Hounds! :) 

hard to find it, link would be nice :)

Holy Moly, I'm so sorry! I couldn't even find my post on the mystery item I was speaking of - UGH! Why is it so difficult to find things on here?

Anyway - Here is the link, and I moved the link to the "Discussion" Forum as I've no idea what the heck I did before! I'm so not techy!

Mystery Item Link: http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/group/glasshoundheaven?xg_source=act...

still not getting it

Do not ask me how I did this, but I was searching for Vicki's post/pics and it kept showing me this discussion with "Scott" from 2016.  I went to Vicki's page and saw the comments, again, but still could not locate them.  It turns out...I have no idea why or how...the reply was at the bottom of the 2016 discussion??

So, I copied the entire thing and pasted it on the Comments section of this page.

At least we can read and see what you were talking about, Vicki!  In terms of the technology???  No idea what to say about that.  :)

Omgosh! That is beyond Bizarre! I got your message and again, thanks so much for figuring this out. I was so upset that the link didn't work, it's like it erased it from the whole site?

I finally shut the PC down and left the room! I thought I'd have to rewrite the whole thing again, ugh

What is even weirder is I still can't find it? I'm not sure where "discussion" is - but I'm going to try and locate it once again, it's like it's been erased from me! 

Unbelievable the trouble we had to go though, but I think AT LAST the new info is at the top of discussions for Glass Hounds group! 

For Bonnie and anyone else that's interested. Can you believe it? I had to go back to that discussion with Scott from 3 years ago to locate it, and I'd never had found it at all if it weren't for Molly's excellent detective work, thank you!

A word to the wise here, I guess, if you post something important on this goofy .ning platform make sure you've got your own copy as well! Happy Hunting gals!


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