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Look what I found!  For some reason, I just think this is really beautiful.  Wondering if it is really rare or worth money.  I figured I should ask the EXPERTS!  

Thank you

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Unfortunately, the color appears to have been washed out by the downloading and transferring process?  The picture I took was much brighter.  :(


I did not think so, but that would be even more amazing....let me check...No, unfortunately. 

It's lovely Molly! I think you've got a Modern Fenton product here - it's modeled after the 1860 - 1900's opalescent glass pieces that were done by Fenton, Northwood and a few other companies..

They are very pretty! The pattern I think is either "Thumbprint" or it might be "Reverse Raindrop". This style Vinaigrette, and this pattern was probably one of the most successful of all Fenton's antique glassware. You can find huge, hanging Victorian oil lamps, table top lamps, whole sets of Fancy dishes and more in these patterns. It's easy to see why, They are so attractive!

Just one word to the wise on the "modern uranium" while were at it - I'm glad your's isn't because if it was we would know it's not Fenton but the modern (still in business Mosser Glass Co) This company has hundreds of our USA old glass company's Molds, so they make NEW items, and they DON'T mark them properly as such!. They make lovely glassware, and it is made in USA, and among very few modern companies with a licence to use Uranium in their glass - But, my beef with them is that they do not mark them as "new old molded items", and beginning collectors and unscrupulous dealers will often sell their NEW items as Antique, with Antique prices and it's not right and it really hurts our USA antiques markets here. Grrrr ( Rant Over). BTW -  Mosser, not to be confused with the beautiful Czech glass companies of MOSER - One S. See that?, the very name of the company can be mistaken for expensive, antique glass. Makes ya wonder what their true intentions are, doesn't it?  Oh well, what can we do, right? Here's a link, if you'd like to familiarize yourself with their modern items: https://www.distinctive-decor.com/mosser-glass.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw_...


What if mine is actually imprinted FENTON?

Yeah! That makes it even better! :) It's beautiful, Congrats!


I found this one.  Not hobnail, not coin dot, but the reverse of both.  Flattened hobnail inverted coin dot?  Either way, this is the only one that LOOKS like mine....without the chip in the stopper. :)

And, by the way, they are generally referring to it as topaz translucent opalescent?

If it is uranium, I did not have a black light to check it, so I guess I really do NOT know.  Is there another way?

Well, I can sorta tell by the color, when it's held up to the light. It has a hue, that regular green or yellow glass doesn't have. When I re-looked at your photo's, I'm thinking it does, but that's not a problem in this case either - Vaseline or not! We usually assume the Uranium glass pieces date to the Depression era or earlier. But, because we are dealing with 1. A known company that likely did or still does have permissions required to use the material and 2. A good Marking that can help us date it too, There are no worries! BTW- on the pattern name, I think there was also a "Raindrop"and/or a "Reverse Raindrop". That might help to ID pattern more exactly. 

Also -  because you can often date Fenton glass to any marking they may have (They've used and/or not used markings for a hundred years or so now, LOL). And fortunately they've also kept pretty good records.  So, what does the letters, just above the "Fenton in Oval" marking read? That may make it possible to pinpoint a date, nearly exactly!

On a similar note, I've just learned something I've never heard of before! (One of the great reasons to be a glass hound, we can always learn something new!) I have a strange shaped piece of glass that's like a window box that has lovely, impressed butterfly's all over it. I've had it knocking around my office at least 6-7 yrs now, an am trying hard to clean out everything so hubby and I can move! Anyway - It looked French, but didn't quite fit that idea based on quality of the piece. I spent a few hours (at least) and made a very interesting discovery! I'll post a photo and info here in our group soon, so that all our Glass Hounds can keep an eye out for these unusual pieces!

can't wait


Fenton Marks 
When Fenton introduced its lines or reissued Carnival Glass in 1970, they marked the glass with an oval with the word "Fenton" in script inside. In 1980, they reduced the size of the mark and included a numeral designating the decade ("8" for 1980s, "9" for 1990s, "0" for 2000).

Based on this description,

I imagine mine would have

been produced in the 1970s.


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