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i found this wonderful little compote but i dont know what the pattern is ,, i also dont know the maker ... any ideas?

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I don't recognize this one, but the design in silver overlay might have been done by Silver City.

That might at least get you started on finding a maker. What is the size of your piece? And is the top portion a different color than the stem?

I can't see it very well. Maybe pics in a bit better lighting would help?

all the same color .. clear basr clear top with black and silve overlay its 5.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide

According to what I found, the decoration was by Duncan Brothers (no affiliation to Duncan & Miller) The decoration has been found on Indiana, Paden City, Heisey and New Martinsville. I looked through my Paden City reference material and didn't find anything similar. Here is the website I found it on. You can start your research there. I will do some more digging! Maybe you could post another pic, like Vicki suggested, in a bit better lighting?

i will try to get some better pics maybe with a white background so it an be seen better thank you for giving me a place to start

No problem! It's a fun mystery! Lisa

Thank you so much "Old Time Glass"! Welcome to Glass Hounds, it's nice to have you! :) 

Thanks! I'm enjoying it! It's great to connect with so many people with the same interest! I have 450+ boxes of the stuff in my attic, slowly going through and adding them to my's like a treasure hunt every day! :)

oh wow it would be like christmas to me lol 

Ha!Ha! it is!

Anyway, as for an update to your question! I should have clicked further on the link I gave you, as it said this decoration was also found on Tiffin..would have saved some time! LOL! I found this image in my book "Tiffin Glass 1914-40" by Leslie Peña and Jerry Gallagher on pg. 27. The shape looks like yours, it's 6" tall, and they say it is #3201, but I haven't been able to find another image.  I would guess it would be closer to 1940, because of the shape, but I could be wrong.

Hope it helps! Let me know what you think!



thank you so much

Oh how fun! Feel free to share any of your items here, we would love to see them! :) 

I will! I have come across some pretty rare and exciting things! I sold a vase to a man from Florida not too long ago. It was from the Cambridge Everglades line..mine was the only one for sale on the internet. I think it's so neat when I come across such a scarce makes it hard to let it go! But if I kept them all, I think my husband would have a heart attack! LOL!



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