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Found this EAPG bowl in the back of a corner cabinet. Curious about what glass company made it and if it as a pattern name. Thanks.

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I don't know the pattern, but I am so pleased that you have posted.  Just this morning I was wondering if this page had been taken down.

if you go to the main page, go to left side and check the links for EAPG. Thats the best way to ID your EAPG. 

No Betty We are still here! There was some problems about a month ago. I could'nt even connect to the group. Seems to be working good now though! :)

Good to see your name, Vicki.  I have been seeing some listings on Facebook, but pages that came in through email seem to have gone bye-bye.  Do you know if just about all entries for the various groups are now going through Facebook rather than email?

Now that is strange. I don't have anything from here going via facebook. I'm very untechy, So I'm prolly not the person to ask. UGH. But perhaps you have the IAO facebook notifications going to your email, rather than from the ning iao site?

About a month ago I was in FL. ( Wished I had stayed there, freezing here in MI). And at that time, each time I clicked on an email from here, it would take me to a bad page or "page not found". I think it was a ning problem, not sure. But now the emails from here seem to be coming though fine again. Wish I could be of more help.

Sorry, I don't see that link. There a list of the site's groups on the left.

Lillian, so if you go to our main page, our glass links are now missing? Oh my, I'll have to go into see tonight when I have more time. I wonder if that got lost when the ning site had troubles? UGG 

In any case, here is a link for one of the best, FREE online sites to help you with EAPG glass. It's a really good site, and I think "Granny" has some of the best pattern glass ID's online! Here it is: http://www.patternglass.com/EAPGPatternID.htm

Thank you for your thoughts.  I just have been getting very few emails since it was announced that folks could be in touch through Facebook.  I belong to several groups and none seem to be active - or at least I am not getting any emails.  I was thrilled when your email came through.  When I have some time, I will explore and try to figure out why I seem to be getting so little.  I understand what you mean about this "spring".  Here is western Massachusetts we have been cooler than usual.

Betty and Vicki, I'm not sure this will answer your e-mail question or not.  Look at the area where it says "Reply", below is a blank area for your reply, below that it says Upload Files, and below that it says "Follow - Email me when people reply" OR, IT MIGHT SAY:  "Stop Following - Don't Email me when people reply."

This is YOUR option.  If you want to get an Email click it so the "Follow..." msg shows up and if you don't want an Email, click it so the "Stop Following..." msg comes up.

This has nothing to do with FB.

Thanks Tom - Betty that might be the case. Perhaps you hit "stop following" by accident or something?

Also - Lillian - Here is our MAIN page for Glass Hound Heaven - http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/group/glasshoundheaven

From this page, at the top left it says "Go back to Glass Hound Heaven" - that is how you locate all the links to help you ID your glassware. We do have lots of good ones - so I hope folks are taking advantage of them?

Or from the Search bar you should be able to find it by going to "Groups>Glass Hound Heaven" Please let me know if anyone else is having trouble too please.


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