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Hello again,

This is one of my first.  I almost hope I don't find out what the pattern is because I will lose the treasure hunt.  Alas, there will be others.  I sure would like to know.

9-3/4" plate with a raised center.


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I am seriously amazed how much there is to know.  I was working with '7 berry', 'petal',... I was even considering an ivy.

Thank you, Katherina!


the site i gave in the last reply kajeba treasures has taught me alot about different patterns i am still learning and have been doing this for about 5yrs i sometimes get things wrong but then again i am only human lol i do love looking for new patterns and things.. this site is very helpful i love it here and i tend to learn things and see different items i have never seen before 

I took a look at corn flower on the site, Katherina.  That doesn't quite look like my plate.  The center of the flower on mine is etched the same as the petals.  On the other, the center is different than it's petals.  Also, the leaves along the stem are different. 

I'm still going to work the flower angle.

there are some other ones similiar to the pattern on the kejaba site i gave you ... on it you can go to the main page and it gives you options to look for ie: pink, flowers, etc etc 

No more questions from me.  The next you'll hear is it's the Holy Grail of the 9-3/4" plates.  Were there such a thing.

Raised center and almost 10" diameter sounds like a cake plate to me. Whatever it is, it's fairly new.

I was thinking about the same cake use.  Bundt.  Angel food.  Then I realized the plate isn't flat, it's concave, if that's relevant.  Then I thought about it being a large saucer or charger because of the raised center.

If it's fairly new, are there new pieces put out with the same amethyst tint as EAPG?


Something that doesn't come up when talking about the pattern is the checkering around the lip and bowl.  Flowers in a basket? 

I throw out pattern ideas as a mental note.

How about a pic?

Picture?  How would a picture help?

I uploaded a file.  Obviously the wrong way.  Sorry about that.  What can't be seen is the 'sun tint'.


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