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The picture below is the absolute best picture I can get of this hallmark.  It is very light.  I'm surprised I even saw them on the glasses.

It looks to be a wheat stalk?  Maybe barley or rye for the purpose of the glass.  I'm not going corn because it just doesn't look like corn (they're lowball glasses).  The lines follow, loosely, the hallmark pattern.

Ignore the attached file.

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Well, that a tough one! If it were mine, I think I'd look under Studio Art Glass Artists. Start locally, where you found the item, and see if something comes up to help you. 

This seems to be modern? you don't say approx. age, size?? Etc. A photo might help though. 

I'm almost 10 percent sure they aren't studio.

The pattern is pretty generic.  Each is embossed on the bottom with a different number (21, 24, 26).

If these are modern, the glass isn't like any of the other barware pieces I've had.  Not a lot, but a fair amount.  A each has a slight yellow tinge.  One had dried-on lipstick.  Do you know how hard it is to get dried-on lipstick off a glass?  How long does it take for lipstick to dry?  We might be looking at forensics, here. 

LOL, and yes I do know about getting lipstick off glasses ( I'm a former bartender, in my collage years).  But you don't like my WINDEX - :P which does work very well!

Next question, now that I got to see them! The pattern looks a bit like "Ice" or "Reverse thumbprint" or a take on one of those patterns.

That mark is very puzzling for something that, as you say would otherwise seem "generic" so, what is the makeup of these - Crystal or Soda glass in your opinion?

I am not opposed to Windex.  It's just not my first choice.  I'm a peace loving, tree hugging, hippie wannabe who likes to start with water.

My opinion... my ting test doesn't ting.  Maybe for the thick bottom?  There are a few imperfections.  If it's crystal, it's not so quality.

Right, Ice or Reverse thumbprint.  On it.

Ok, Then I might have had a small "Eureka" moment! Because we are now pretty certain this is SODA glass:

If I recall correctly, (when I was in the bar biz) some establishments (bars, restaurants, rental halls etc) would "MARK" their items, so as not to get them mixed in with another biz working on say a "family get together" in one or the other's establishment.

Your marking does appear to be a "scratched in" type. I even remember my Mom getting some kind of diamond pen to mark valuables or something like that.

SOOO, might your marking have been by the Owner, not the Manufacturer of the bar ware? If this is the case, that makes things worlds easier!

Start with Libby glass co, the most prolific of all, as I can remember of making commercial bar and glass ware! Hocking, Anchor hocking (same co. different era's), Indiana, and Jeanette, US Glass too, if they are older. And search instead for shape and pattern.

Good Luck! Let us know if you are able to ID them! They are nice looking btw!


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