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This bell-shaped item with a dog's head is between 3.5 and 4" tall and about 3" across the bottom. I was curious what it is - it looks like it was part of something else.

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Could it be something as simple as a paperweight?
This was put out by Avon in the 80s.  I believe it was sold with a candle in it.  It is part of the "Chesapeake Collection".  It was meant to be used as a jigger glass.  You can find it on eBay under Avon dog or Avon dog head. 
Thanks for that tip about its being Avon, Shirley. I would have never figured it was supposed to be turned  upside down to use.
Your welcome.

Looking at the picture I bet the jigger will stand upright; the 2 ears and nose are the same heigth and make real good feet.  Ebay has them priced around $2.50 with no box.  Add the box and the value increases.



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