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anyone know the pattern of these beautiful glasses i have 2 sizes but they are both identical pattern and style the bottoms and design look like candlewick to me but am not positive 

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Hi Katherina, And yes, you have found, what I believe to be a Canadian Version of Imperial Glass's "Candlewick" pattern. I live in Detroit MI. which is directly across the River from Windsor Ontario, Canada. 

I used to go "antiquing" often over there, before rules became strict ( after 911, sadly). On my many excursions I would often find "Candlewick" glass with a lovely etching that I could not find in my books. Over there, the locals, lovingly call this "Cornflower Candlewick" so there you are!

They are very pretty aren't they? Nice find, and you can find many more to match too!

i thought it was candlewick too and started research and found out it is boopie from Anchor hockings glass made as a replica to candlewick in the 1950's :) cool cool cool 

thanks vicki



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