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When I find doubles or too much, I sell it! But when it comes to the painting, they are usually keepers.
Dust off your Florida souvenirs and share your photos and maybe come on down for a visit!

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drats...I'm at work and I'm not allowed to download to look at these :( ...I'll have to wait and look later.
Jus' love Florida Kitch, Marie! Am living in NoCtrl FL now, been in FL since 2003. I also seem to be drawn to fun Florida stuff. One of my favorites found in a local thriftshop is the Surfing Santa, a figurine, here on a Christmas card I created featuring myself swimming with Santa surfing.

I also like things with alligator motifs. I have a big plastic mold necklace with a grinning 'gator, will look for the picture if there is one.

Have several silver bracelets featuring dolphins and, of course, a 'gator. I live not too far from Gatorville, meaning Gainesville, where everything Gator is celebrated because of their sports teams' name. And, yes, I wore the 'gator necklace for a whole week after the UF football team won the championship, the town just went wild then. I'll think of more fun FL stuff to tell you about.

Thanks so much for joining! I have so much to learn about this and tonight is packed with other things to do, but hopefully this coming week I will share of my finds with everyone. Florida does have the coolest kitch!
I keep looking for beach towels, but when I do find them they are usually spent...
Well, I promised you 'gator stuff but so far found dolphins and a palm tree picture. The dolphins were a house-warming gift from a friend and used to grace a kitchen wall. In the next house (this house) kitchen wall space is too limited so the dolphins now grace a guest bathroom wall.
The palm tree picture has a story to go with it: At a particularly disappointing yard sale in the neighborhood this picture sort of stood out. Fully framed, matted, and glass intact, it measures 24" W by 32" H (which is why it stood out). No one seemed interested in yet another palm picture here in Florida as we see live palms all around us at any time. The price (not marked) was five dollars. I didn't even try to bargain but grabbed fast.
After cleaning the glass and inspecting the frame I discovered that it had a Certificate of Authenticity taped to the back. David Lavington executed this serigraph, year unknown. I had never heard of David Lavington but apparently he had had some artistic success to believe the list of exhibitions also taped to the back of picture. (The list photo didn't make it as I can only attach 3 images here.) I'm not planning to sell the serigraph but if I did, I think I could possibly get a little better than five dollars for it. The bright spot in the middle is flashback from the camera, not part of the picture.
In the meantime my palm picture brightens a blank wall in this house here in No.Central Florida.
Ha, the serigraph did have a year marked: 1980. Not sure what number of 120 serigraphs produced this is. The 7 mark may be the gallery's inventory number. Here's the list of exhibitions David Lavington did.
Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing!


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