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I doubt I'd still be in business except for the Philly area fleas near my home town of New Hope, PA. The stuff I can still find fills almost 50% of my store. If there are any others nearby here like the Golden Nugget (Lambertville, NJ -W,Sat,Sun) and the Columbus Flea Mkt (Columbus, NJ - Th, Sat,Sun) let me know. These are both mostly outdoors and except for inclement weather days, year round. I'd go to more around here but for the price of gas and the diminishing returns therefrom. Anyone else know of nearby sites?

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I've been going to the Golden Nugget since the mid-70's. It used to be incredible. It has shrunk somewhat but is still one of the best around. I still attend 5-6 times a year.
If there are more good markets that close, I'm not aware of them.
Rice's (Near Aquatong road) too used to be hot but the last time I was there it was designer jeans & DVD city... plus you had to pay for parking.
The market in Saylorsburg is still going strong but that has to be, what... an hour or more from you.
Renninger's in Kutztown isn't bad (during the summer) and the Leesport Market is as big as ever but those are even further.
I know, I haven't been much help but I'll keep watching this thread to see if anyone else has ideas. I live in the same part of the world as you. I'm always on the lookout.
Hey Joel,
I live in Glenside and go to the Berlin Market - a little far for you but a good one for inexpensive finds if you go to the back and skip all the established vendors in front. Also the Pennsauken Drive In is a good one, but was closed for a while. Not sure if it has reopened yet. Again, you have to skip all the t shirt and crapola dealers and head to the back. Both are a nice day's hunting ground in the same area.
There was also a great little market in So Jersey called L'Erio's (or something) that I LOVED going to but has since been bulldozed to make way for, what else, a new shopping center.
I haven't been to GN for a while. I remember finding a 10" Fiesta vase there for $50. Boy, those days are gone! I mourn the loss of the market that now houses the outlet stores in PA near New Hope, but can't remember what it was called! Is the one that was started up the road from there, at the diner, still happening? It's small but had some very good deals and dealers last time I was there.
theres also quaker city pennsauken cedar grove elizabeth town cowotwn and adamstown near us in phila
Hey Jersey guys,
At one time or another over the last 35 years of full time market selling I did Englishtown 1970's - *80's, Golden Nuggett and Lambertville during the 1980's part of the 1990's, Columbus 1975 to around 2003, New Egypt from 1975 to the mid 1990's and Collingswood Route 34 Farmingdale, NJ on and off for years. Also did Rova Farms for many years. Oh, years back we also did Rice's, Mary Fishers and Perki in Pa.

Now I just do Collingswood Market (Route 34 Farmingdale, NJ) Fri & Sundays. The business ain't what it used to be. Mostly sell online and run a live auction once a month Sept. - May.

See ya, Country Joe
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theres a nice small place to go on sat and sun on route 202 outside of new hope
also theres zionsville , quakertown , perkomionville ( monday), cowtown ( tues) and a ton of good thrift shops
also try cedar grove and rancocus woods


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