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I never know what to call my ongoing sale. For those that do not know my situation, I am in the process of liquidating items from both my mother's and an aunt's estate. The problem I run into is that when I advertise and sign it as an "estate" sale, people seem to assume EVERYTHING in the house is for sale. They come in like storm troopers and start tearing pictures off the walls and going through cabinets and drawers that are "off limits". When I try to steer them into the areas where things are for sale, they get huffy and say that it isn't really an estate sale if only certain items are for sale. On the other hand, if I designate it as a lawn, yard or tag sale, people expect really cheap prices and I don't sell as many items. The problem around here in upstate New York, is that people seem to be really holding onto money the last few years and I hardly sell anything over $3, which sees to be the limit here for the top price at a garage sale. Also, the "hot" items people ask for in the past few years are military memorabilia, vintage hunting and fishing equipment and precious metals. Nobody wants vintage glassware, china and knickknacks which comprises most of my sale. Any advice?

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BTW - here's are photos of one sale I had last year - this year's sale season starts May 10th with our community-wide sale.

First Lillian, always keep your doors locked to Your house.  No one should be going in there.  Keep all your sale items on your porch or/& in the yard.  If your have Your own porch furniture that is not for sale.  Put a sign on it "NOT FOR SALE" & have it over, out of the area of where Your sale items are. Don't mix Your $1-$3. items in with Your better, higher priced things.

Lots of luck on your sale.


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