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I hear so many complaints these days from sellers about 'how things are' that I felt compelled to start a new discussion on "Selling in a Depressed Economy".  We all wish things were better & hopefully that will happen.  But things are what they are, and as antique & online sellers we have to assess the situation that we are in, and maximize on what we have. 

The way I see it is, some people still have money to spend and are spending it.  This means that it is up to me to figure out how to attract them to MY products. 

 This is where assessment of your business comes into play.  Ask yourself first of all, am I trying to sell what people are buying?  If so fine....then ask how am I doing?  If the answer is not too well, then maybe it's time to examine the reason why!  In a depressed economy, you cannot take selling for granted.  It's not a matter of 'load your store & they will come'.  You may have to do something to attract their attention.  For online stores, this most definately means networking (which is really just online advertising).  It's like a salesman making sales calls....the more you make, the more chance you will sell. 

I suggest:

1) Develop some sort of routine for your networking schedule that allows you to have your business out there on a regular basis.  It's similar to a sales representative making his weekly calls.   

2) Make sure that your store is spruced up and attractive.  Unattractive means uninviting and bad photos means a hard sale.  Take the time to add many photos (eCrater allows 10 per item) and be sure to describe your items very well.

3) Review the descriptions of your items and make sure all important information is included.

4) Develop promotional tools for your store and products such as blogs, a facebook page, pinterest boards, twitter, google+, squidoo, yahoo, YouTube channel, iantiqueonline page and others.  It really is not a waste of time. 

By developing your promotional tools, once you have your store set up & attractive, you are all set to use these tools to get the word out. 

So invest in your business the time that might otherwise be used to complain and feel depressed.  Take advantage of slow periods to develop new marketing tools, and keep on plugging away.....things will get better.   Be a HAPPY SELLER! 

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During slow periods I often devote some extra time to reviewing my listings - improving where I can. If photos need improving I do that too. The 'Featured Item' option is nice to use to possibly feature seasonal items or select a piece from a category you are spending some extra time developing. The color templates allow you to give your store an immediate face lift. Changing aisle photos can also be a nice way to give your store an instant 'new look'. And of course don't forget to examine the promotional sites and tools available. I invite you to share some of your "ways to improve your store" ideas.

great advice Deanna!! thanks:)

Glad it was helpful to you - we can all use a little encouraging from one another. Like to hear ideas from all of you about ideas to improve business. One size does not always fit all but it seems like I can always learn something useful & helpful. Have a great day!


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