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I added this post (as a reply) to the 'eCrater Feedback Discussion', but I really think it deserves a separate discussion forum, so I'm starting this as a new discussion as well. 

Getting postive feedback is important.  Most buyers check your feedback before making a purchase, even if it says 100% positive, so getting regular feedbacks posted will be a big plus for your store.  eCrater does not record your sales as a new seller, until at least one feedback has been posted.

I have found that the best way to get feedback, is to just simply but politely ask for it.  When a sale comes in and I acknowledge the sale, I tell the buyer when it will ship etc., and I also ask them to remember me with positive feedback when their package arrives.  I also enclose a thank you note in the package, again ASKING for positive feedback.  I also inform the buyer, that eCrater provides a feedback link at the point of sale so they will not delete their link.  If your buyer does delete their feedback link, remind them that they will receive a another opportunity from eCrater in about 20 days after the sale. 

Very helpful for ebay sellers or former ebay sellers: If you have a large accumulated positive feedback rating, you can provide on your eCrater store front page or in your FAQ section, a copy/paste link to your Ebay rating by creating a nice profile page in EbayMyWorld. Here is a link to the one I created:  By using the same avatar, this identifes me as the seller and if you are a new seller on eCrater with no recorded feedback, you especially will benefit from this.

Of course it goes without saying, that as a seller, you EARN positive feedback by the way you describe your products, communicate with your customer, pack the item, and promptly ship it to the customer. Happy eCratering!

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