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I've just made my first attempt at a Pinboard on Pinterest.  This is a 'kinda new' kid on the least for me. It's kind of fun & I haven't gotten my feet wet yet, but just thought I would share it with the group so you can decide if it has any potential for you.  It's a fun way to share your collections & interests.  You are invited to check out my first board called, "I STILL LIKE TOYS".

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I've seen a few of the Pinterest sights.  At a quick glance, I do not see a link for the item I've gone to see.  Is this because I am not a member?  If so, I am hesitant to join another national or international group (kind of like twitter or facebook). 


Help us out with reasons to join (if that is necessary to link to an item).



I know what you mean about joining another thing!  It's just a glimpse of what is out there.

Deanna ~

As per the guidelines at Pinterest it is not a promotional site but rather a bookmarking type site, so tread carefully with the promotions.   Pins with price tags attached are in my opinion messy.  That said I do have a board (1 out of 33) for my shop items.  I get maybe 2 views a week so it's not this fantastic opportunity for promotion that will bring a ton of traffic to your shop.

I've been on pinterest for nearly a year and feel I must warn you ~ It's time sucking and addictive as you could see if you follow me.

Thanks for the information.  I did add my links.  I don't plan to get bogged down with another thing though.....notice I said, NOT PLANNING TO.  LOL



Those of you who are enjoying placing your products on a Pinterest Board...don't forget to put the 'Pinterest Follow Me' embed code on your page, blog, web site etc so others can just click to find your boards.  Below is an example - the button I use:

Follow Me on Pinterest

Deanna,  How did you do that / snag that ? 

Hope you can follow these directions: 

  • Go to Pinterest and click on big Red Pinterest name
  • click on 'About' at top right
  • click on 'pin it' button
  • Scroll down to 'Follow Button' for websites
  • Select type of Pinterest Button you want & then copy the embed code
  • Insert this embed code into your web page or any site that can accept it. 
  • Here on IAO you click on the little media icon and then paste code onto the yellow screen. 

Hope it works for you!

Thanks Deanna!  I got it.

Great directions, easy to follow.  

Just in between the "about" and the "pin it" step is "goodies".

Wonderful!  Glad you were able to do it!  Have a good holiday!

After reviewing this discussion today if any of you want to check....I guess I DID go ahead and start using Pinterest in a major way.  Fact of the matter is, I get more interaction and repins from people on pinterest than any other social media site.  Many businesses have discovered Pinterest, and you can use Pinterest as a promotional tool for your products.  The best way for people to find your products is to add a link and it makes it pretty simple.  You can add the price if you so desire (some do and some don't).  I have had sales that came directly from Pinterest so I'm happy with that.  It is also a wonderful spot to enjoy your passion.  I love looking at the boards that are interesting to me and I've clicked on items many times to discover that something I love is already SOLD.  

Vintage Touch on Pinterest


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