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I had a customer leave an immediate negative feedback because she made a purchase and her item still showed in my inventory after she paid for it.  She made her purchase at 10pm, after I had gone to bed.  The next morning I woke up, saw her purchase, removed it from the store (at 7am), packaged it, mailed it and sent her an email thanking her for her purchase, informing her it was mailed and giving her the delivery confirmation number- so within 12 hours of her purchase, she was contacted and her purchase was on its way...but now I have a negative feedback on my store- I'm so mad I could spit.

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* After contacting the buyer and explaining what happened she apologized and said she didn't realize the negative feedback would be on my store- she was complaining about eCRATER.  Hopefully they will remove it.
Dina not to worry ecrater will remove it.. just use the contact and explain
I agree with Peg. I had an instance where I received a negative, explained to ecrater my predicament, and they removed the rating without question. Now, if ebay only played as fairly. Gotta love ecrater!
Wow - this ecrater thing is sounding pretty good folks - Think I'll be soon checking it out - I can't handle all the crap from ebay much longer - and the fees are just killing me - ugg!
That's why I left eBay- not much profit after paying them and Paypal- but you have to work a lot harder for your customers at eCRATER.
I have been a ebay seller for 11 1/2 years.. but since all the stupid policy changes I only list when its free..ebays newest policy is they now include the shipping fee in their  commission..paypal has always included ebay owns paypal and both taking that fee is "double dipping" ebay USED to be fun but it sucks now.
Along the same lines as others have stated,  I think you can appeal to eCrater to possibly remove that negative if you describe what happened.  I know I have heard about some people being able to get their negative feedback (undeserved) removed.  You might want to consider engaging your inventory control.  When your inventory control is engaged, once an item has been paid, for, it automatically goes into a hold position and can no longer be purchased.  I think it was very unfair of a buyer to leave a negative when there was no purchase problem....sometimes people think the positive/negative feedback applies to their ease and success in placing the order and they do not realize it is for the purpose of evaluating the item & seller.  This is unfortunate and I would give the appeal to ecrater a try.  Deanna
eCRATER is removing the negative feedback~ yeah!  I didn't know about the inventory control- I'll have to look into that!

I just checked my store and eCRATER only removed the comments- they didn't remove the negative feedback from my feedback score....not good.


Well that doesn't make much sense does it?  Wonder if it has to post or something?  When you make a sale it doesn't post until the following day...could that be it?  The comment would have been better off left on if you ask me....because I checked it out and it was obvious that this person just didn't understand the feedback process.  I hope they remove that negative from your score. 
Dina..not to worry the negative score will go away..a day or two
Dina...would you mind putting on this discussion, your contact information that you used to get this corrected.....I think it might be helpful for anyone else that has a similar problem.  Thanks. 


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