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I finally got it. Only the flash works. Took me forever to find the media space. As I now notice it is right above my typing. Thanks Vintage Touch. Please enjoy my listings, Yourbounty. :)


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WOO HOO - THERE YOU GO!  I'm soooo happy!  Be sure to put it on my IAO page too!  

This is awesome people, how did you do that Bernie? Looks wonderful! WTG!

Took the directions from Vintage Touch step by step. The media box is the colored box. Three boxes over from the top of this tool bar. Hope to see yours soon. Bernie

Just too good to last. I wanted to use items in my eCrater Store in Pin Interest. Clicked on my widget below.  Pictures disappear and says " You don't have enough products in your store to display this widget.".  When I went to my eCrater Store and clicked on widget, there was nothing there just a way to make a new widget. So I did. Clicked on "pin", new message, you have no pinable items on this page.   Anyone want to guess why cyberspace hates me??. Any advce would be welcomed.  Bernie/ yourbounty

Well Bernie I'm not completely sure I understand what you are saying.  I'm able to view your widget posted in this discussion with your eCrater pictures.  I don't think you will be able to pin photos from your widget to will probably have to be individual photos that you have showing from your store....that is my guess.  Sorry if I'm not understanding well enough to help you more.  

            (    Comment by C. Dianne Zweig Editor's Desk yesterday           

I have just installed a Pinterest button. You wIll find it on the main page right column. If you click on any image , you can now pin. Please be sure to write descriptions under your photos so you get more attention to pins. )------------------------------------------------------------------
The above is the message in my email. I thought we were using pictures from the Widget. . Thanks for the response. Guess I can use the pictures off of my eCrater store.
Yes - I think that is what you can pin Bernie - have a blessed day!


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