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We are all starting to learn that Google has made an announcement about changing their policy for their product search. The details are a little confusing but it could mean that unless you pay, you will not be included in their search engine. Again, whether that refers to their shopping search or main search engine is unclear. Bottom line- by Oct your products may no longer appear in the google search. That being said, if it comes true, as eCrater sellers, self promotion may be all we have. I suggest that eCrater sellers promote eCrater Marketplace as a popular shopping site with a wide range of merchandise. It cannot hurt to encourage more shoppers to come to eCrater in search of their products before making their choice.

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From the reading I've just done, it only applies to their product search, not the main search. Beginning in October (right in time for the holiday season), only those merchants who pay for it will show up in a product search, which will become "Google Shopping" (again).

This is gonna be a real killer for the small folks like us. Promoting takes so much of my time now, I have trouble finding time to add new stuff. Honestly, Deanna, I don't know how you do all the promoting you do, the blogging, the tweeting, the moderating, and then have time to make videos and take care of your B&M shop!

But whatever you (or we) come up with to help save us from a 'sure death', I will be happy to participate in.

It sounds like a bummer for sure. Right now it's a pretty good tool when looking for product but when/if they lose a lot of businesses, I'm thinking people are not going to see it as very helpful to find things they are searching for so they will return to searching eBay or amazon, so this seems to me like they are shooting themselves in the foot but that is just my thoughts. Nothing stays the same. As for me, I wake up & go to bed with business on my mind :)). I really do want to sit on my patio a little more this year :)))

My observations on the Google Shopping search that has become a paid service:  I now just go directly to Google search and enter the name of what I'm searching.  Then I click on 'images' at the top, which allows you to see images of the item you are searching.  If you see something that you like, just click on the may or may not be for sale but if it is, you have found it  - even if it is no longer in the Google Shopping Search.  I'm not sure how many people will even continue to use Google Shopping to search for products, since so many things that are available will no longer appear.   

I was reviewing this discussion and fast forward to this time over a year later when this was first posted, we can say that fortunately eCrater is picking up the tab so our products are included in the Google shopping search engine.  Having said that, it is important that you have the required attributes on each listing in order for this to happen.  When I do a random check on my products, most are showing up in the Google shopping search engine....some a little closer to the top than others.  Details like these are very important if you want to maximize your exposure.  


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