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Once again another networking venue that I think is loaded with potential.  The Google + networking.  If you haven't tried it, please do.  You can connect to your other networking venues like facebook, twitter and the like.  You can add photos and videos etc, and get into the news stream from others that you have added to your circles.  I'm still learning the ropes....but hope you will consider joining my circle.  To add me to your circle, after you sign up, just put Deanna Moyers in the search engine and my Ragdoll avatar will you will recognize me.  I'll add you back and so on and on it will go.  Visit my page to see the beginning of what I've done at Vintage Touch on Google+   Hope to see you in my circle soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We're already following each other, Deanna.  Still can't figure out how to post. When I select the POST tab, it does not cause a drop down (or anything) in order to post.  Any ideas?
Meryl....glad we are following each were the first person I added to my circle.  As far as posting goes....go to your main page and then click on the little house/home icon at the top left in your tool bar....this will take you to the page that says 'Stream' and you can post there.  Then you can decide what circles etc can view your post and add whatever ones you want.  I have a circle I call 'Business Friends' so I always make sure they can view but also, I select 'Public' so anyone can view.  Hope this helps...have a good day.  Deanna


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