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I learned about Google Analytics just recently, as I was exploring and learning.  I had seen the name Google Analytics but just never took the time to investigate to see if it could really be of any help to me personally.  Now I'm HOOKED!  Now that I have engaged GA for my eCrater online store, I find the data quite interesting and helpful.  You can see at a glance your traffic sources and the percentage that comes from where.  You can even see the amount of traffic per item.  This is helpful as you do your promoting to know where you are getting the most response. And there is much more data that can be obtained with your GA.  To engage your GA on eCrater: Under Account, Click Options, Click enable Google Analytics, put in your ID# and click Update, Click on the ? beside GA to & then click Google Analytics.  You will have to register in order to get your ID#.  Let us know if you use Google Analytics and whether you find it helpful or not!

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I agree with you.  I use Google Analytics on all our sites including those on Etsy & Artfire.  I find the info useful and allows me to see how effective my promotions are as well as where my traffic comes from.  How long each visitor stays, how many pages they looked at and Soooo many other factors that I can now see makes this a "must have" IMO.  The fact it's free makes it all the better.  


Attached is a useful ebook on GA Uses & Tips



Oh, I am impressed! I had signed up for this years ago and got stuck, so I thought. Very interesting....this could keep me preoccupied!!

I have to say that I am not too surprised at the order of popularity to my ecrater store. It is the only place I have signed up, as I am not aware of how to do it for my other sites. I would love to analyze blujay and ecrater...any clues?

Ecrater made it easy for us to sign up, but not sure how to do it for others.
Glad you were able you are all signed up!!!  I think you will find it quite rewarding.  Not a clue about analyzing blujay.  Maybe someone else can help you there.  Thanks for your update.
Well- I signed up and got it rolling but its not pulling in any numbers at all even though it says its reporting from 1/17-2/16~ I know I've had traffic because I've had 4 sales in that time period....maybe it takes a few hours to get going?
Yes Dina - I think it does take a little while for it to get going as I recall.  If it says it's reporting it is probably gathering the data.  Glad you were able to get signed up.  Thanks for reporting. 

I'm signed up for the analytics for my Etsy and ecrater shop. It essentially shows me that it's going to have to be MY efforts to get any level of traffic to get to my eCrater shop. I get next to no views on eCrater when compared to Etsy.


My GA also kind of hints that social networking could be a major waste of time. I had been much more active in all the various social sites, a couple of years ago. My GA never showed these to do much as far as traffic building.


Does anyone know why the page views within Google stats, never seems to jive out with numbers that are displayed within venue counters? I had an Artfire account for awhile, and left, I have the GA for Etsy nad eCrater, don't have it for Bonanza. BUT when I was comparing GA to the other 3 venues I listed, the view counts within the venues was always substantially higher than what is reflected within Google.


Thank you for your comments.  My experience since being with eCrater for about a year, shows me that the social networking has helped.  I never really promoted it much until the end of this past year.  My GA does seem to reflect what I see on the view counts.  I think a lot more people probably have heard of Etsy more than eCrater and that may be why you see more traffic there.  One of the reasons why I'm glad we've gotten the eCrater connection group started is to get the eCrater name out there and share with people the positive aspects of selling and buying on eCrater.  I know personally that I can sell things at a more affordable price because eCrater is totally free and I personally like the format (with a few exceptions).  Maybe some others have some input on your observation that they would like to share????
Just started using it and I love it- great info to have~
I'm glad to hear that you are finding the information helpful.  Thanks for sharing!  Happy eCrater selling!

I wanted to share this feature that is available on Google Analytics - not sure how long it has been available because I just discovered it, but it is a really neat feature.  You can now create a new dashboard through your administration page that allows you to set up widgets to provide you with 'REAL TIME' active visitors information.  You can select from a list of criteria that interests you that will appear in 'REAL TIME' as an active visitor is in your store.  I set mine up to include the type of visitor (new or returning), city, state, country of visitor, source as in  google, bing, social etc, page topic, page viewing, device (such as mobile or desk top) etc.  This information appears as the person is in your store and you can actually watch what pages they are viewing etc.  I was able to see a shopper in my store last night and the page she was viewing and then I could see that she was in check out and when it left the screen, I heard the ding in my inbox and the sale was there.  It is just a neat feature but I enjoyed it and wanted to share with the group in case you are not aware of it.  


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