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For those who are unaware....eCrater has a facebook page now.  It is pretty neat.  Not sure how you become a featured merchant on their page.  Maybe some of our ecrater sellers can share that information with us.  It's nice to see eCrater promoted through facebook. The link is:

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I think I have the reply to my own question about how you become a featured merchant on the eCrater facebook....looks like you are selected at random.

The link about this discussion is:


Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think they just randomly select a couple every so often to feature. I was featured at one point and I didn't do anything or even know about it until it was posted here in the forums. This is the thread about it -



I haven't been featured yet, either.  But I looked at their Discussions page and was able to post my store description and link.  Here's the page link for that:


eCrater Discussions (Links)


Odd tho, I was the first to post there.


~ Evie

ecrater has been on facebook since Dec. 09..I was a featured merchant in 2010,

ecrater chooses those.

There is another Ecrater store promotion facebook page where you can add items you are selling on ecrater and other ecrater stuff. The link is:



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